Instagram : between humour and denunciation, the trend of accounts with placards multiplies

Instagram : entre humour et dénonciation, la tendance des comptes avec des pancartes se multiplie

Instagram : zoom in on the trend of accounts with placards

It is a mode that is becoming more and more on Instagram, to create accounts posing only with placards. Finished the photos with friends, on vacation or in the bomb in which you live your best life. Users are more likely to post with a sentence funny/denunciatory/cute written on a piece of cardboard.

The signs are spread on Instagram

While Instagram has unveiled 3 new effects to boost his Boomerang, the social network is invaded by a whole new trend : the accounts Insta with placards. A mode that multiplies on the application. It all started with a Dude with sign alias Seth, who lives in New York. He poses in the streets of the Big Apple with placards in hand, on which he writes what a lot of people are thinking. Thanks to his messages, often rants and still very funny, it has quickly accumulated more than 3.1 million subscribers.

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A publication sharing by Seth (@dudewithsign) 17 Dc. 2019 11 :59 PST

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A publication sharing by Seth (@dudewithsign) the 6 Dc. 2019 11 :29 PST

On its cardboard panels, one that is literally called “the guy with a sign”, stated with humor : “see You next year is not a joke funny”, “Yes grandma, I’m still single”, “Stop get out of the streaming services, if you please”, “Everybody clap your playlist Spotify” or even “Bill 15 balls for a bowl of lettuce should be illegal”.

That pro social network is not at its first attempt. It is one of the creators of Fuck Jerry, the famous Instagram of the same which is followed by over 14 million followers.

Women, children, and dog are also highlighted

Outside of the famous Dude with sign, women, children and even a dog is launched into the mode of the signs on Instagram. His female equivalent, this is Beth aka Dudette with sign, who also lives in the american city. There are also Arab girl with a sign that denounces the stereotypes about arab women. And adults are not the only way to create accounts that relays only the messages written on the panels. The younger also started, with the trio forming Kids with sign. Finally, even the pets have ventured on this path. Attests Baboy and their Dog with sign.

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A publication sharing by Arab Girl With a Sign (@arabgirlwithsign) on 13 Jan. 2020 7 :42 pm PST

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