Instagram boosts his famous “Boomerang” with 3 new effects

Instagram booste son célèbre "Boomerang" avec 3 nouveaux effets

Instagram improves his Boomerang with 3 new effects

Everyone loves to create Boomerangs on Instagram. And with these new features, users will certainly be more likely to want to post these short videos that run in a loop. There are indeed 3 new effects and a new option that give want !

The Boomerang of Instagram is changing

In front of its competitors Snapchat (whose filters are dig internet users) and TikTok (that teens love, in particular with challenges such as Bim Bam Boom Challenge), Instagram continues to be renewed. The social network has decided to change his famous Boomerang. What is the principle ? A short video playing in loop. Launched in October 2015, so there are almost 5 years old, he is very popular on the app. And it may be even more thanks to the 3 new effects designed by the american company.

Instagram booste son célèbre "Boomerang" avec 3 nouveaux effets

Instagram improves his Boomerang with new options

But then, what are the 3 new effects of Boomerang on Instagram ? The SlowMo (Slow motion in French) that will allow you to slow down the Boomerang, l’Echo , which will help you to create a blur of the psychedelic and the Duo that will give you the opportunity to speed up and slow down the Boomerang, with a textured.

These 3 new features is also added a new option : cutting. It has been created for you to choose the length of the Boomerang, by selecting the beginning and the end. You can shorten it if you find it too long.

“Boomerang is one of the formats most appreciated”

Josh Constine, a reporter for the website TechCrunch, has tested several new features of Instagram on the Boomerang. On his YouTube channel, he unveiled the result, in order to show how to use these new effects on the social network.

Josh Constine of TechCrunch shows how to use the new features of the Boomerang to Instagram

He has also contacted a spokesperson of Facebook (which as a reminder, owns Instagram), that he said to TechCrunch : “Your camera, Instagram allows you to express and share easily what you do, think or feel with your friends”. He also admitted that the “Boomerang is one of the formats that are most appreciated”. Suddenly ,“we are excited to extend the creative ways in which you can use it to transform moments everyday into something fun and unexpected”.

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