Instagram deprived of likes under the photos: the youth stress

Likes on Instagram are hidden in Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand

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July 21, 12:16

Instagram лишили лайков под фотографиями: у молодежи стресс

Instagram proved to be the most harmful to mental health of young people

Instagram could hit the ego a very large number of users of its service, especially for a young audience. Innovations do not always bring happiness, Instagram update brought a lock of likes under the photos. But to users did not cover the sharp stress, remove the functionality decided in stages and only in a few countries.

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The initiative is working in test mode. The huskies are hidden in eight countries: Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand and also to some users of Instagram in Canada. For users in these countries are hidden of likes under photos and videos – they can only view the content Creator.

“We want Instagram was a place where people feel comfortable expressing their opinions. We hope that our initiative will be removed from hard habit to chase the likes, so you can focus on your life,” – commented the head of Facebook New Zealand MIA garlik pressing.

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A study conducted in the UK in 2017, showed that of the five major social networking Instagram has been the most harmful to mental health of young people. Then came Snapchat, third in Facebook, Twitter fourth and fifth in YouTube. In addition, in the Instagram plan to begin to deal with the insults and baiting in the comments. The social network will alert the user that his comment could be construed as offensive.

Recall that previously, the company asked Facebook to give up “likes” for the sake of future children. And recently not working Facebook and Instagram, we learned the cause of major failure in social networks.

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