Instagram has launched their own payment system

Instagram запустил свою платежную систему

The popular app Instagram introduced a feature to pay for goods and services. To attract the advertisers, the developers of Instagram enabled users to pay for purchases in Internet shops, to pay for the services of salons and restaurants. The company hopes that the owners of the brands themselves will encourage buyers to pay through Instagram, but because counting on the influx of new users.

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The impending establishment of its own payment system Instagram announced last year. Until that feature is available only for a very small group of partners, but the app’s creators hope to expand the list. In the future, should appear in the function of purchase of tickets to theaters and concerts. It is reported by CNBC.

To make purchases without ever leaving Instagram, the user will need to enter the numbers of their credit cards and debit cards to “Settings”. There you will store your purchase history.

We will remind, on April 24, the popular service Instagram experienced a global failure.

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