Instagram : soon the end of the “likes” to decrease the pressure of the stats ?

Instagram : bientôt la fin des "likes" pour diminuer la pression des stats ?

Instagram : the end of the “likes” ?

You desires the life you dream of influenceuses and you hope one day to have their bikini body and their lifestyle between travel, boyfriend perfect and outputs ? It is without a doubt a little (a lot), because of photos posted on Instagram. Except that here, new job in fashion may take a hit because the application wants to stop the “likes” to focus on the images more than on the numbers.

Instagram could stop the “likes”

This is Jane Manchun Wong, an expert in security and reverse engineering, who discovered that a big change could happen on Instagram. What ? The end of the “likes” ! “We want to make sure your followers focus on what you share and not on the number of people who like your photos,” says Instagram. During this test, only the person who shared the image will see the number of likes received” is specified on the screenshot that it has been able to do. The app has nothing confirmed from his side for the moment. But if the rumor is true, the influencers may not dig it… Has the opposite of the “real” users ?

About the stress that can lead to the number of “likes”, Instagram has responded to The Verge : “We don’t test this feature at the moment, but we are exploring ways to reduce the pressure exerted on Instagram, we are thinking about it continuously“. According to the Human Computer Institute, Carnegie-Mellon university, people who compare their average life to the life you dream of influencers would be depressed. It is certain that between Miami and Clermont, there’s no photo !

Twitter also could abandon the “I like”

At a TED conference that took place in Canada, Jack Dorsey, alias the CEO of Twitter, has also made it clear that the “like” button was no longer really necessary in the social network. “If I had to start all over again, I would not put as much in before the number of subscribers. I would not put in before the number of likes” there and confessed. Is it that all the apps will start to remove it ?


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