Instagram threaten to deprive likes

Instagram is preparing a radical change for the platform to maintain a healthy atmosphere

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Instagram грозят лишить лайков

Instagram unintentionally causes narcissism and the leadership will deal with it

Social network Instagram may soon lists important options for which a put photos and watch the tape. Soon in the social network can remove a counter of likes, which is located under the user’s pictures. According to the developers, this decision is for the benefit of users – it will help to avoid dependence on social networks and to maintain a healthy atmosphere.

Developed by Jane Wong discovered the presence of new functions in the application code. She managed to find a special screen with a description of the test functions, it says: “Instagram wants users to focus on content, not on the number of likes that they receive.”

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Remove a counter of likes of Instagram would be a radical change for the platform where so many users are present only because of their number. Cult of Mac suggests that this could be one of the best solutions for social network.

Also, Instagram is considered the ability to hide your figure with the number of subscribers of public profiles. Thus, they will only be visible to account owners. All these counters in social media exert enormous pressure on the majority of users and incentivize them to create content for public approval, inadvertently causing narcissism.

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Recall that previously, the company asked Facebook to give up “likes” for the sake of future children. And recently, Facebook was accused of copying useful features from Viber and Telegram. Also find out what HR look for in your social networks.

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