Instead of reselling his Christmas gifts, why not donate it to associations ?

Au lieu de revendre ses cadeaux de Noël, pourquoi ne pas en faire don à des associations ?

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Instead of reselling his Christmas gifts, why not donate it to associations ?

Your Christmas gifts you don’t like ? You already have the same ? Like many people, you are going to resell them online. But did you know that you can make a good action and make people happy by giving these gifts to charities ? PRBK tells you more.

You’ve been waiting for this day for a long time… Christmas is finally here ! Has you treats of luxury, the reunion with family and gifts under the christmas tree. But this time, it is the drama : the gifts that you have been offered are not suitable for you : either you already have them, or you don’t like them, simply. What to do ? Several solutions are available : you can call the police as did this German boy of 9 years unhappy, you can resell them on the internet, as many people do each year… or you can make them happy by giving to associations !

Give your Christmas gifts to charities !

They are indeed many-to-receive gifts. Among them, the Secours Populaire, Emmaüs, les Restos du cœur, The Salvation Army or Oxfam France. You can also give them away on websites such as, or The application Trocr also allows you to give your gifts to the benefit of an association.

For clothing or shoes, you can put in a Relay point : the items donated will be resold at low prices in of the 73 shops in solidarity Ding Fring across France. If you want to get rid of pounds, you can do it on that retrieves and resells it for a good cause : 10 % of the net sale price are donated to associations fighting against illiteracy and work for the access to the culture or the preservation of the environment. Also, be aware that sites of gifts between individuals exist, such as GEEV launched in April 2017.

If you want to do a good deed while earning a little money, you can go on the site, which offers you to pay all or a portion of the amount of the sale to an association of his choice, among the Apprentices of Auteuil, Sponsorship Heart Surgery Children of the world, Handicap International, Firefighters without borders or Solidarity news for the housing. Anyway, for Christmas, do a good deed !

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