Insurance premiums: a brake on the recovery plan of filming

The government Legault may have unveiled a generous stimulus plan in culture, a major obstacle will prevent many series and films to be shot on Monday : “the lack of measures in relation to insurance.

In effect, the insurance companies will refuse from now on to cover the productions for the risks associated with the COVID-19. In a letter addressed to the prime minister of Québec, the Consolidation of independent producers of cinema of Quebec asked the government caquiste to act “urgently” to set up a compensation fund to be used solely to producers forced to stop filming due to a situation of COVID-19.

Without the existence of such a fund, the only productions which can turn in the next few months will be those who had already contracted, without exclusions, their insurance before the cessation of activities at the beginning of march.

Reached by telephone, the producer Pierre Even (Good cop bad cop 2), co-signer of the document, with, among others, Denise Robert, Luc Déry and Christian Larouche, speaks of a possible financial disaster. “We have made an analysis from the average budget of a film, or $ 4.1 million. If one of the players grabs the COVID, we must suspend the shooting for fourteen days. And because every day costs about 100 000 $, it is potentially $ 1.4 million for cost overruns. No one was strong enough to pay for it. “

A fund of canada

This output occurs at a time when one learns that the canadian Association of media producers (CMPA) has filed the first version of a project fund of $ 100 million, which would be guaranteed by the State, to cover the insurance claims that would arise out of problems of COVID-19. “We ask the federal government to help us,” says the president and ceo of the quebec Association for media productions, Hélène Messier, who is involved in the project.

Pierre Even issues, however, reservations about this initiative, including for a matter of provincial jurisdiction. “We would prefer to come up with a solution entirely in quebec. This would be faster. “

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