[INTERACTIVE MAP] What is the condition of the bridge near you?

[INTERACTIVE MAP] In which state is the bridge near you ?

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Nearly 30 bridges in dilapidated condition had to close in a year because they were no longer safe for motorists. & nbsp;

Quebec had to close at least 27 bridges and viaducts in the past year because their condition no longer allowed vehicles to circulate safely. These structures are in addition to 48 others already closed for several years, for a total of 75 completely inaccessible structures as of November 4, according to figures provided by the Ministère des Transports (MTQ). & Nbsp;

Fifteen years after the tragic collapse of the viaduct of La Concorde (see below), reading the data shows that there is still a lot of work to be done to make Quebec bridges safe.

More than 7,400 bridges in Quebec are featured in this interactive map produced by our Bureau of Inquiry. The data represented in this tool only represents the state of the structures managed by the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ). The condition of private bridges or bridges under federal or municipal jurisdiction is therefore not listed.


ICS: Combined index

The combined index, between 0 and 100, gives a good idea of ​​the general condition of the bridge. It is made up of three indices, namely seismic vulnerability, the condition of the structure and its ability to play its role. The lower the index, the more vulnerable the bridge.

IMS: Structure material index

It allows to follow the evolution of the condition of the bridge materials. Defects such as disintegration of concrete, corrosion of steel or rotting of wood are taken into consideration. The results are expressed on a scale of 0 to 100. The number 100 corresponds to the best condition.

“Ultimate measure”

“The closure of structures is an ultimate measure, sometimes necessary, but which the ministry uses only as a last resort as an exceptional measure of protection for road users, ”explains MTQ spokesperson Émilie Lord. & nbsp;

More than a quarter of the 380 structures under the responsibility of the MTQ that require replacement or major work are now closed to traffic. For example, the Grandes-Fourches bridge in Sherbrooke had to be closed this summer. The replacement works will last until 2022.

Bridges with the lowest ICS Daily throughput: 1000 passages and more

 [INTERACTIVE MAP] In what condition is the bridge near you?

Route 132, Kanawake Photo MTQ IMS: 11.5
ICS: 25.7 Debit:
42 000 Montérégie Kahnawake Route 132
(1975) IMS: 9,2
ICS: 35.8 Debit:
1750 Montérégie Varennes Route Marie- Victorin
(1963) IMS: 7.8
ICS: 37.7 Debit:
1400 Center-du-Québec Plessisville Route Kelly
(1923) IMS: 16.8
ICS: 42.3 Debit:
5500 Laurentides Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts Route 117
(1963) IMS: 32.4
ICS: 37.6 Debit:
6000 Montérégie Châteauguay Chemin Saint-Bernard
(1963) IMS: 25.4
ICS: 39.4 Debit:
2430 Montérégie Saint-Antoine -sur-Richelieu Route 132
(1958) Source MTQ

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Closed for a long time

In Pointe-Claire, the outgoing mayor John Belvedere has had to live for two years with the complete closure of old highway ramps that overlook Highway 20. Something to test your patience and that of your fellow citizens. & nbsp;

48 structures closed for & nbsp; more than a year Year (s)
in closure Number of
structures 1 7 2 5 3 4 4 9 5 7 6 2 7 3 8 3 9 3 10+ 8 Source MTQ

“They [the ministry] did the first two last year, November through April. In June, they closed the third, which has just reopened. And there will be another one left, ”he lists.

The Avoca bridge in Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, in the Laurentians, was closed in the summer of 2019 for almost two years.

Mayor Tom Arnold then told the Journal that the structure “has not been maintained like many other bridges in Quebec” and that its closure was very expensive to its municipality. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Its fellow citizens had to travel dozens of kilometers more per day to cross the river. & Nbsp;

The MTQ will have finally carried out the necessary work, but even today, trucks are prohibited on the bridge.

Never reopened

According to Émilie Lord, most long-term closed structures “are located in places with very little traffic or with a structure [ detour] nearby ”.

Very busy bridges, & nbsp;
and in good condition

[INTERACTIVE MAP] In which state is the bridge near you?

Highway 40, at rush hour Photo QMI Highway 10 E. Boul. Taschereau Brossard Daily throughput 120,000 passages ICS: 100 Autoroute 13 Rivière des prairies Laval Daily throughput 147,000 passages ICS: 77 Autoroute 15 N. CFCP Boisbriand railway Daily throughput 178,000 passages ICS: 98 Autoroute 73 St-Laurent Lévis River Daily throughput 125,000 passages ICS: 92 Route 132 Rivière de la Tortue Delson Daily throughput 47,000 passages ICS: 96 Autoroute 440 W. Chemin de fer CFCP Laval Daily throughput 170,000 ICS: 97 Autoroute 20 Avenue Notre-Dame Saint-Lambert Daily throughput 103 000 ICS crossings: 86 Autoroute 30 O. Boul. Kimber Saint-Lambert Daily throughput 90,000 ICS passages: 83 Autoroute 40 2e avenue Montréal Daily throughput 201,000 ICS passages: 72 Source MTQ

“Sometimes their reopening is not a solution considered when the detour imposed on road users is short,” she adds.

Marc-André Martin, president of the Professional Association of Engineers of the Government of Quebec (APIGQ), believes that the MTQ has abandoned its infrastructures by entrusting their maintenance to external firms rather than to its own employees.

“The loss of expertise and our dependence on consulting engineering firms force us today to close bridges rather than take charge of the work ourselves,” he believes.

The oldest bridges

[INTERACTIVE MAP] In which state is the bridge near you ?

The Miller Creek Bridge, Melbourne Photo MTQ 177 years (1844) Estrie Melbourne Chemin Morrisson
Ruisseau Miller 160 years (1861) Montérégie Hinchinbrooke Chemin de la 1re Concession
Pont de Powerscourt 148 years (1873) Estrie Waterville Chemin du Pont-Couvert
Pont de Milby 142 years (1879) Capitale-Nationale Shannon Footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists 160 years (1861) Estrie Melbourne Chemin de Montréal
Rivière Ulverton 151 years old (1870) Estrie Cowansville Rue Bell
Pont de Freeport Source MTQ

Collapses that have marked memories & nbsp; & nbsp;

< p> 2000 – Viaduct du Souvenir

This structure under construction above Highway 15 in Laval collapsed on June 18, 2000, leaving one dead and two seriously injured.

An investigation report from the Commission de la occupational health and safety (CSST) had highlighted several deficiencies on the site.

In 2010, the former Laval police officer Marc Demers, who was to become mayor a few years later, told Radio-Canada that there had been “negligence and that she could be described as criminal” in this case. But neither the contractor on the site nor the engineers who had designed the work were continued.

2006 – Viaduc de la Concorde

L he collapse that killed 5 people in Laval on September 30, 2006, has raised awareness.

Last year, on the occasion of the first edition of our special feature on the worst bridges in Quebec , engineer Mario Fafard explained that this tragedy had an impact on the way we design and inspect structures today.

“There was no warning that the bridge was not okay. This is often the case with concrete bridges ”, according to him.

A commission of inquiry chaired by former Prime Minister Pierre-Marc Johnson notably led to an increase in inspection standards at the Quebec Ministry of Transport (MTQ), and a massive increase in investments in maintenance and reconstruction.

2011 – Autoroute Ville-Marie

The July 31, 2011, a huge concrete beam and the louvers it supported collapsed on the Ville-Marie highway in Montreal.

Miraculously, even though the highway was open to traffic , there were no deaths and no injuries.

The Order of Engineers of Quebec had finally filed complaints against two of its members who designed the wall repair work that was taking place at the time of the collapse.

Quebec also sued three engineering firms in connection with these events.

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