Interchange of highways 440 and 15: work begins Monday

ÉHighway 440 and 15 interchange: work begins Monday< /p> UPDATE DAY

Construction work on the new overhead ramp that will connect Highway 440 to Highway 15 begins Monday in Laval.  

The three-year project consists of connecting the two highways by air without going through the service road, according to the Ministry of Transport. 

In addition to the new overhead link, Major Singer is planning a redevelopment of the exit leading from the westbound A-440 to Industrial Boulevard.

The ramp in question is known to be problematic for traffic and the safety of motorists.

The start of work risks creating a major upheaval and traffic congestion on the two highways that are often very busy, especially during rush hour.

Users of this intersection may also have to give themselves a plan B by taking another route and thus avoid being caught in the traffic trap. 

A first phase of the project had added an entrance leading to northbound A-15 service lanes to the A-15 a south of the A-440. 

Nearly 305,000 vehicles use the interchange of highways 15 and 440 daily, one of the busiest in Quebec.