Interesting books that you need to take with you on the plane

In the plane it is better to read books that tell about the travels and adventures

Elena Kuzmich

15 Jul, 09:43

Интересные книги, которые нужно взять с собой в самолет

Something to read on the plane

In the summer we often go on vacation, but sometimes forget about what a long can be the road to welcome the guests. To spend time on the plane, take the road a few exciting books.

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The largest requirements to the book, which you should take to the road, is a small format, so that you can put in your bag or backpack. We have prepared for you the best selection of books to take with you on the plane.

Интересные книги, которые нужно взять с собой в самолет

What to read on the road

Stephen Chbosky “hi, it’s Charlie! or Advantages shy.”

First on our list for aircraft book popular young adult genre that will appeal to both adults and teenagers on holiday with her parents. The book was written in 1999, but the Ukrainian reader familiar with her recently. There is a film version of this book with the star of the “Harry Potter” Emma Watson, which I advise you to watch after reading this book. We will add that the author was directly involved in the shooting of the film.

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This book is a fascinating novel, which has long been compared to “catcher in the rye” Jerome Salinger. In the novel we can read a selection of letters of the main character Charlie on first impressions, victories and life lessons. The book is a good choice for light reading on the plane, to relax, to remember my childhood, and tune in to the rest.

Интересные книги, которые нужно взять с собой в самолет

Something to read during the journey

Heyerdahl Tour “Expedition Kon-Tiki”

Another small, but nonetheless interesting book about the adventures that should be read on the plane. She talks about the real expedition of researchers who set out in 1947 simply a raft of logs on the probable route of the ancestors of modern Polynesians. The way was long, because it was about the distance from South America to Polynesia.

This journey can be safely called the most original expensive present, after all, six people on a raft and went across the Pacific ocean. On a strange vehicle in the expedition sailed, the scientists took the team only a single sailor.

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The main inspiration of the journey he wrote the book, which was translated into more than 70 languages, and now Ukrainian readers can join an incredible adventure on a raft.

If you want to find answers to the question of how people settled the Islands in the Pacific and what kind of adventures experienced intrepid travelers, feel free to throw in your Luggage this book to read it on the plane. And on arrival at the site, be sure to arrange a boat tour and in the evening — review the documentary about the expedition on a raft “Kon-Tiki”.

Интересные книги, которые нужно взять с собой в самолет

What book to read on the plane

Andrew Cooper Cerebro

This little book presents the work of Ukrainian author Andriy Bondar. This book is 16 short stories, full accommodation of different life situations, symbolism and mysticism. Those who have read “100 years of solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, she will love it, it tends to be magical realism. Even the name of the collection of stories is a mystery. Composite book — a kind of parable about human life.

An interesting feature stories from the Ukrainian author is that some of them are based on real experiences, and some completely fictional. Adds “flavor” to the collection that the stories were written in different countries and attitudes.

This book is for reading on the plane perfect for fans of intellectual prose that even on holiday want to find some unusual and fascinating book.

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