Internal investigation to find the jewellery

Enquête interne pour retrouver les bijoux

N'” excluding no possibility, the direction of the Gardens, the Upper St. Lawrence river has established a team to ensure that the jewelry of its residents died of the COVID be made to close.

Already, the director of the private CHSLD has confirmed to have recovered the jewelry of one of the two victims whose relatives had denounced the disappearance. “After the news reports, it is the director of the funeral home who took the trouble to call to say they had the jewelry,” explains the director, Nathalie Side. The beneficiaries attendant who had placed Irene Petitclerc in the shrouds after the death was first confirmed to have left the jewellery on the deceased, the absence of the power to remove.

Internal investigation

As to rings, necklace and bracelets Anik Leclerc, another resident, the director-general ensures that an “internal investigation” has been launched to find them. The family of the lady of 90 years old passed away on may 28, has made a formal complaint to the police.

“The police has not yet called “, indicates Nathalie Side, which has itself contacted the Sûreté du Québec. “We’re very transparent here, you have nothing to hide,” she says.

Ms. Side “does not exclude any possibility” to explain the disappearance of jewelry. Due to the outbreak of COVID, which struck the residence of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, more than 150 people from the CIUSSS of the Capital-National or came out to lend a hand to 350 employees.

The residence must also deal with “the wandering intrusive” where residents with cognitive problems take objects that do not belong to you.

“Is there someone unscrupulous, or that they are somewhere,” says Ms. Side without accusing anyone. For example, ten bags of personal effects of the deceased were left at the laundry by mistake during the crisis.

“There is a procedure that exists, but we are going to review our way of doing business,” says the director. Families are invited to come and pick up the personal effects of their loved one, if he wishes, and to alert management if objects are missing.

Employees magnets

Nathalie Side ensures that its employees are ” sad ” situation and wish to them also to find the jewellery missing. Moreover, during the passage of the Log, the attendant who accompanied Irene Petitclerc until the end came to convey his sympathies to her daughter Diane Viger, happy that the jewels have been found.

“You put the emphasis on the jewelry while it saves lives,” says coté. At least 30 people died as a result of the COVID at the CHSLD Gardens, the Upper St. Lawrence river.

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