International Women's Rights Day: Marie-Laurence Moreau and work-family balance in “Léo”

International Women's Day: Marie-Laurence Moreau and work-family balance in « Léo»


Marie-Laurence Moreau portrays a woman who finds fulfillment both at home and at work in the fourth season of “Léo”. 

New director by Dubeau Gateaux, Cindy, her character in the comedy Club illico and broadcast on TVA takes her rightful place in this “guy comedy”, says the actress with a smile.

Five years have passed between the third and fourth season, which means that Paul (Alexi Robidoux), the son of Cindy and Léo (Fabien Cloutier) takes the path of kindergarten while his mother, she, inherits the management of the company that has employed him for years in Walton.

Cindy dives not without first doubting herself. “This advancement stimulates her, she needed it, but it leads to tensions with Leo because she had promised to help him with the accounting for the orchard. She has a little less time with their child, who does not want to go to daycare, his mother is sick; I think she has a pressure to be everywhere. She realizes it's hard to get there. But everything will be back to normal between Leo and her,” said the actress, who is the mother of two sons aged 3 and 10.

By maintaining intrigues with Cindy at the factory, after the departures of Léo and Couture (Marc Labrèche), the authors Fabien Cloutier, Sonia Cordeau, Steve Laplante and Erika Souci were able to bet on continuity with the colorful characters who work there. , like Drouin (Simon Lacroix), Perreault (Guillaume Cyr) and the famous Pouliot (Hubert Proulx).

She describes her Cindy as a “good soul” who “does her best”. “We often saw her on satellite or being there for others. But in season 4, she chooses herself, she says yes to this promotion. She says it: “it's his turn”, because when Leo started his business he too was less present. Women, we're a little tight, because we want to take on responsibilities without neglecting our children. At the same time, there are also women who want to stay at home and that's fine.”


Marie-Laurence Moreau, who graduated from the Montreal Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in 2003, so two decades ago, is currently in transition with the end of filming for “Léo” – the fifth and final season has been put on. in box last fall and will be available next year on Club illico – and from “Mémoires vives” at the end of 2021, after several seasons.

Apart from an engagement to be announced at the theater in 2024 , the actress is preparing to land other roles on the small screen, with the audition season in full swing. She wants to play, as on stage, girls who are not as perfect as you think, unlike her usual TV “casting”.

“In the theater, I played more poked women and I would like to play a more dramatic role on TV. Cindy is a sun, I would like to play a darker role. At the theater, my favorites are when it starts and everything is beautiful, clean, then the more it goes, the more you see that everything is broken inside. It's “fun” to discover these characters, because we all have flaws.”

Produced by Encore Television, the fourth season of “Léo” is broadcast every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on TVA . All previous seasons are available on Club illico.