Internet joke of the assault Area 51 is out of control

It all started as an innocent joke, but the us military has warned people not to approach

Evgeniy Opanasenko

16 Jul, 20:02

Интернет-шутка о штурме Зоны 51 вышла из-под контроля

The organizers have set the date of the assault Area 51 on 20 September

Nearly 400 thousand people in the Facebook group Shitposting cause im in shambles organized comic action on the “assault on Area 51”. The organizers even set the date for the assault on 20 September under the slogan: “They can’t stop us all.” The ultimate goal of the event was the search for the remains of aliens and their flying saucers that supposedly stored on this military base. Conspiracy theorists believe that the authorities hide the truth from people, because until recently the existence of Area 51 was not recognized by the US government.

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What at first was presented as an innocent online joke evolved into a serious confrontation between military and civilian. Currently, almost 400 thousand people expressed a desire to participate in the assault on the most secret places in the U.S. after Fort Knox. Even as many expressed a desire to just watch.

Интернет-шутка о штурме Зоны 51 вышла из-под контроля

Area 51 – the

The community even published a plan of action participants in the assault. The attacker will have to split into three groups: Central, which consists mainly of fans of the series Naruto will break through the cordon, and the side fans of Internet memes will come from the flanks.

Whatever the joke, it is unknown how many of this audience will take the idea seriously, and will go to the military base in Nevada at the appointed time. The military in the United States are seriously concerned about the creation of this Facebook group and publicly declared that the joke is going.

Интернет-шутка о штурме Зоны 51 вышла из-под контроля

The plan of the assault Area 51 (comic)

“The territory [Area 51] is an open training area for military-air forces of the United States, and we urge not to approach. U.S. air force ready to defend America and its property,” – said the representative of the United States air force Laura McAndrews in comments to the Washington Post.

The first theory about some secret database originated in 1989 when a man named Bob Lazar said in an interview on American television that he’s a physicist who worked in Area 51. Lazar claimed to have worked on the study of alien technology and personally saw them flying saucers that people see in the sky like a UFO, and read government documents that describe the involvement of aliens to life on Earth.

Интернет-шутка о штурме Зоны 51 вышла из-под контроля

One of the Internet memes on the topic of assault

Bob was not solid evidence, except for a few recordings and there are no documents confirming his University degree in physics, but he definitely helped to spark the interest of Area 51, which became part of modern pop culture.

We will remind that earlier the military was forbidden to laugh at the UFO. Previously military pilots admitted to UFO sightings.

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