Internet users unite to find a missing smart vacuum cleaner

Netizens unite to find missing smart vacuum


Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in households. But how should we react when our smart, Roomba-like vacuum cleaner disappears without a trace?

A humorous ad for a missing smart vacuum has garnered over 4,000 comments and 27,000 likes on a popular Chinese social network, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday.

With no trace of the smart vacuum cleaner under the bed, sofa, behind the curtains, on the balcony or in the kitchen, the owner turned to the internet to appeal for help, after concluding that the robot had escaped.

“We are an ordinary family, our house is more than 100 square meters , we do not exploit it and leave it six days of rest per week”, he indicated in his announcement, according to the Chinese media.
Immediately, Internet users united to try to find the robot. “Does your house have a balcony? Did he jump off the building?” commented one in particular.

“Go look up the stairs and on the roof, and spread some of his favorite dust and trash on the way,” advised a other netizen.

Some have instead shared similar anecdotes.

“I couldn't find mine in my house either, then I found it in the doghouse . The dog slept with it for a few days before I found it,” said a third Internet user.

Fortunately, the smart vacuum cleaner was found a few hours later, safe and sound, after getting stuck in a kitchen cupboard.