Intervention in U.S. elections: senators call on trump to cancel the meeting with Putin

Вмешательство в выборы в США: сенаторы призывают Трампа отменить встречу с Путиным

The leader of the democratic party Chuck Schumer (Charles Schumer(DN.Y.) called on the President of the United States Donald trump to cancel the upcoming meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin after the U.S. justice Department unveiled indictments against 12 Russian spies suspected of collusion with the intention of interfering in the U.S. presidential election in 2016. This writes the leading US publication The Hill.

“President trump should cancel his meeting with Vladimir Putin as long as Russia does not hold a demonstrative and transparent steps to prove that they will not interfere in future elections. Shaking hands with Putin on the background of these accusations would be an insult to our democracy,”said the senior US Senator from the state of new York, reports CNN.

A member of the house of representatives Jerry Nadler (Jerry Nadler), in turn, said that trump should demand the extradition of Russians on Friday, suggesting that he won’t do it. “He should demand this,” said Nadler from new York. “I’m sure he won’t do that”.

Nadler does not agree that trump needs to cancel the visit in Helsinki, but agreed that the summit should not be held tete-a-tete.

The senior U.S. Senator from the state of California Nancy Pelosi (Nancy Patricia D Alesandro Pelosi) was not called on trump to cancel the meeting, but said that Putin needs to give guarantees of the United States.

“Bets on the upcoming meeting trump Putin can not be higher,”said Pelosi. “President trump should demand and provide real, concrete and comprehensive agreement that the Russians will stop their ongoing attacks on our democracy. Inability to resist Putin will become a deep betrayal of the Constitution and our democracy.”

As previously reported “FACTS”, on Friday evening the US Department of justice published a paper with the names of 12 Russian spies, who are suspected in the illegal collection and dissemination of classified information about candidates for US presidential election in 2016.

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