Interview with Irma Vitovskaya – about acting, politics and the TV series “Chernobyl”

Ukrainian actress at the 10th Odessa international film festival received the award For “best actor”

Vladimir Grisyuk

Yesterday, 10:28

Интервью с Ирмой Витовской – о съемках, политике и сериале "Чернобыль"

Irma Vitovskaya

Famous Ukrainian actress Irma Vitovskaya received the “Golden Duke” in the nomination “Best acting” the national contest for 10-th Odessa film festival. In conversation with the journalist of “Today” Vladimir Griscom the actress said about how she was offered a dream in the movie “Moï pillows TIC”, as well as emigration, political activities and impressions of the American TV series “Chernobyl”.

– When you are asked to do this movie?

– I brought the script as was written already under me. I read the text and immediately understand what it is. Has agreed to withdraw, but was not even familiar with the Director. And that’s when Antonio and I met, I long could not depart from the fact that he is so young, but can so deeply to see and feel.

Exclusive interview with actress Irma Vitovska:

– This is not the first film that touches the theme of emigration. For example, if to compare with the “Nest of the turtledove” you see something in common between these pictures?

No, “the nest of the turtledove” is more a social drama revealing the topic is labour migration. There is information about the institution of the family as it is dangerous when broken ties between relatives. Our film is primarily about chasing the dream. In the story, the 25-year-old composer and sound producer Vadim after failures in work and personal life have a chance to go to Canada.

– Where the film was shot?

– In Transcarpathia and a bit in Kiev.

Интервью с Ирмой Витовской – о съемках, политике и сериале "Чернобыль"

Irma Vitovskaya at the FESTIVAL 2019

– And as Affairs with a fee?

– The film is fully financed by the state. Of course, I received a fee for shooting, like everyone else. It is clear that it’s not the money that can be earned in commercial projects, quickly pay off. But our film is completely different artistic level, it is necessary to understand.

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– Returning to the subject of emigration, that if your son wants to go abroad?

– Well, that’s his choice. We live in a global world. Of course, in this case, I will reflect on why he has not formed attachment to their homeland, but I think this is not the case. Orestes loves Ukraine. Of course, it’s small, has not yet faced this corrupt system, the lack of social mobility, competition, and equal rights. We’re all waiting for will finally disappear kickbacks, schemes, people who do not take their seats.

– Have you thought about whether to leave Ukraine?

– About this at least once in life thought of every Ukrainian. We also see how we the decline in the humanitarian sphere, let’s be honest. Here in the West, there is a demand for complicated movie, there is an audience that perceives and evaluates it. Yes, there is also a lot of spectators who want to just have a good leisure, but we have in this plan is a disaster.

– Now many actors go into politics, do you?

– I can’t say that I want to get into Parliament, and I am sure that there is a need to have managers who know how to write bills. I don’t understand why I was there. I could say many things as a creative person. If necessary, I can join the team of true reformers, become a consultant, for example. You can’t be passive if you know the right way. Let’s argue, debate – that the truth is born.

Интервью с Ирмой Витовской – о съемках, политике и сериале "Чернобыль"

Irma Vitovskaya ready to help politicians

– You’ve watched some movies at the Odessa film festival?

– No, I only arrived yesterday (18 July). Today (19th) 18:30 go to the Lithuanian-Polish painting “Here was Sasha”. Unfortunately, this is the only thing I can see because the evening go to the Opera-performance power of the Trinity “Stairway to…”. Also I have noted a few more movies – “the Parasites”, “a Tall girl,” that will look at it later, if possible. Among all the paintings I recommend, of course, “Moï pillows TIC” and the film “Dodoma”. Not seen, but, say, also good movies “Shaniac” and “Cherkasy”.

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– In one of interview you said that you are going to watch the TV series “Chernobyl”?

– Yes, I saw. You know, I would love to have filmed something like this. Such a cool series as “Chernobyl”, “Babylon Berlin”, “the Confession of a servant”, “Killing eve”. Now remove the series at the level of the movie. I personally no longer interesting to watch how Peter loves Bob, and Bob went to Mache. A template for the pattern – tired of the same names. Understand the audience give such a product, hoping that just what we need, but no. Make a good show and will see how it will go!

Интервью с Ирмой Витовской – о съемках, политике и сериале "Чернобыль"

Vitovsky impressed with the series “Chernobyl”

– You watched “Chernobyl” gradually (in series) or all at once?

Downloaded and watched all at once, yet had this opportunity.

– Your work also often overlaps with the theme of Chernobyl.

– Yes, I played in the play by Paul Aryeh, was the idea Stas Zhirkov and “Brahma,” which was filmed Vladimir Pacific. But this is only at first glance it seems that the theme is the same. In fact, we have uncovered other aspects of this problem and the TV series “Chernobyl” is about lying in the first place, and how dangerous it is to live.

– Now try to find inaccuracies and mistakes in the series. How do you feel about that?

– As a political propaganda. You see, if we open one lie, behind her open and everything. They (the Russians – Ed.) took a course on rehabilitation of the totalitarian regime. Although it seems to me that the salvation of the Russians depends on the success of Ukraine. If we succeed, they too will be fine.

We will remind, the Odessa international film festival kicked off July 12. Star guests this year were Catherine Deneuve, Michael Lee, and star of the popular series “Charmed” rose McGowan. In just nine days of the festival the audience saw ten movies. In the contest the 2019 FESTIVAL was attended by 14 of the Ukrainian tapes, four of which are full-length and 10 short films.

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