Interview with Vlad Troitsky – the Eurovision song contest, the Vinnik, national idea and France

Famous Ukrainian film Director gave an exclusive interview to “Today”

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 07:47

Интервью с Владом Троицким – о Евровидении, Виннике, национальной идеи и Франции

Vlad Troitsky

Famous Ukrainian stage Director Vlad Troitsky in an exclusive interview to the “Today” Vladimir Grishuk told what he thinks about the national idea, mass art, the Eurovision song contest, the freak, the Ukrainian cinema and the fate of GOGOLFEST. The meeting was held in the framework of 10-th OIFF-2019, where Trinity has presented a performance of an Opera called “Stairway to …”.

Recently I recorded an interview with the owner “the Golden bear” Nadab Lapid, which was shown at the Odessa film “Synonyms”. This painting, among other things, the example of France and Israel raises the question of national identity. What do you think of what it means to “be Ukrainian” and “to be French”, for example?

Is a provocative question. What it means to “be French” understand about. There are some markers that immediately say who you are: Pompadour, the Louvre, the comédie française, Avignon festival, Cannes, Napoleon, the Eiffel tower, the Louvre, wine, cheese, croissants, coffee and so on. Unfortunately, Ukraine for years of independence has not formed a clear marker of who we are, that is: “Ukraine is what?” “Ukrainian – what’s that?”. I asked this of different people: students of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the Shevchenko University, politicians, MPs – none of them could not clearly answer me.

I understand against what we are fighting, but for what?

When I talked to the staff of the Ministry of defense and the national security Council, said that know against what we are fighting, but for what? Well, except that we make the European choice. Again, if Europe, of which: Hungarian, Polish, German, Italian, Greek or Swedish? Still, it is very different and is determined by the level of consciousness and culture. We have over the years of independence has not formed this add-on, which would be broadcast cultural codes of who we are.

– And the Ukrainian elite…

– She doesn’t understand. And, in General, what is the elite?

Интервью с Владом Троицким – о Евровидении, Виннике, национальной идеи и Франции

Vlad Troitskyi in Odessa

– By the way, Yes, what is the elite?

– People who are willing to consciously answer questions and can form a certain vision of their country. I think we have a problem. There is simply no such interface. One country is bad and awful, and with another – provides additional opportunities, because you can say anything you want.

– Why you moved “GOGOLFEST” in Mariupol?

We go where we are invited. In Kiev, we didn’t say no, just was so microscopic support of the city, we decided to leave. In the case of the festival, which is a landmark not only for the city but for the country, should not be this… when you say: “For you, 10% of the budget and do whatever you want with that”. And the remaining 90%, excuse me, where can I get? Kidney to sell?

No matter what, I remain a pragmatic optimist!

No matter what, I remain a pragmatic optimist! Yes, on the one hand there are some treshovye trends, and on the other I meet amazing people in Ukraine, which create their own ecosystem: the platform is “Warm city” in Ivano-Frankivsk !Or MozArt FEST in Lviv.

– How do you feel about mass art?

– Thank God that it is. In Ukraine, I call this trend the “she-wolf in flip flops”, that is, the synthesis of Oleg winnick and Olya Polyakova. Before there were “Mushrooms”, and now there MARUV. This is great! But the state should deal with the protectionism of art, everything that comprises it (the state), the image not only within the country but also positions in the world.

I’ve got us a national idea – “offshore for passionaries”

By the way, I’ve got us a national idea – “offshore for passionaries”. In the West it is very difficult for young artists – the market is completely Packed, but the Ukraine could provide a platform for their implementation. I hope someday a man from the government will understand that if you have nothing to be proud of (something creative), except that you oppose the aggression, the prospects for your “caskie”.

– I think you have done more for Ukraine than the Ministry of culture for all the years of independence.

– Just don’t tell the Minister, and that he will go to toilet and hang.

– Do you agree with the opinion that Ukrainians in terms of the art lacks scope, arrogance, which is inherent in artists with more developed culturally countries?

– You know, arrogance is not a quality criterion. For example, now there is an experimental art is when a person can not do anything, but said, “I’ll show you the experiment.” But it is important to understand that the experiment must always be the fundamental knowledge. Only then can you hypothesize, and through the experiment to find out, true or not.

Watch the video: freak-cabaret power of the Trinity “DakhDaughters” sings the song “Gannusya”


– Do you like extraordinary personality?

– Yes, because an extraordinary person moves progress at the same time as the ordinary person walks in a certain framework. Freak free. Although you need to understand that freedom is the ability to take responsibility for their actions.

Watch the video: group “DakhaBrakha” power of the Trinity sings “the Monk”

– As your team of “Caso” entered the national selection of Eurovision 2019?

– “Cecho” absolutely not the format of this contest, but I got a call from the organizers of the Ukrainian selection and asked if I wanted to send “Dahabraha”. I said no, because they had long been interested in this story, but offered a “CESO”. Yes, it was provocative, but they’re all a little cheered.

Watch the video: the video for the song Hate group “Cecho”

– See Ukrainian films?

– There have been several attempts, but I decided to get away from it. They say a good movie “Moï pillows tih” starring Irma Vitovskaya. Who else? Loznytsia, Slabospitsky… unfortunately, we have no culture to speak qualitatively in the text. Maybe no one teaches it…

– You mean the acting or the script?

– As far as I understand the process of shooting the film in Ukraine, a large part of the budget goes to equipment and, accordingly, does not remain resources for rehearsal. In short, one day an actor has to play a lot of things, but this is not at all impossible.

Интервью с Владом Троицким – о Евровидении, Виннике, национальной идеи и Франции

Vlad Troitsky showed at the FESTIVAL Opera performance

What do you mean by talent?

– I believe that every person is talented, but you need to be able to open it in. Yes, and one talent you’re not going to call. Of course, there are geniuses who for no reason went and did, but this is the exception to the rule. There are very few people, therefore, need to be formed to understand the whole global context.

Vlad Troitsky – Ukrainian stage actor, Director, playwright and broadcaster. Founder and artistic Director of the group “DakhaBrakha”, the freak cabaret “Dakh Daughters” puppet cabaret “of CESO” and the project NOVAOPERA. President of the international festival “GOGOLFEST”. Director in the theaters of Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Switzerland.

Earlier, Vlad Troitsky in an interview with “Today.Lifestyle” told what, and most importantly – the return of the GOGOLFEST in Kiev.

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Интервью с Владом Троицким – о Евровидении, Виннике, национальной идеи и Франции

Интервью с Владом Троицким – о Евровидении, Виннике, национальной идеи и Франции

Интервью с Владом Троицким – о Евровидении, Виннике, национальной идеи и Франции


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