Intimate Concerts in NURSING homes

Concerts intimes dans les CHSLD

Some are banged up, others have defeated the measure, and hummed. A dozen residents of the Home Legault have been entitled, on Wednesday, in an intimate concert offered by Alexandre Da Costa and the six musicians of the Orchestre symphonique de Longueuil.

The violinist and artistic director, launched, on Wednesday in Quebec city, tour the Balconies symphony, who will stop in 30 NURSING homes and retirement homes in 15 cities in Quebec.

Alexandre Da Costa, Karine Breton (bassoon), Jean-Luc Côté (oboe), Heather Howes (flute), François Martel (clarinet), Connie Chartré – Lefebvre (cor) and Michel Viau (percussion) have offered a service of 45 minutes, under the trees, in the middle of the afternoon, on the back patio of this small NURSING homes of chemin Saint-Louis.

They have interpreted arias of Bach and Johann Strauss, and they also presented versions “symphonisées” songs of quebec and francophones.

Beautiful moments

We have heard take it with us to James Michel, Take me and The bohemia of Aznavour, Le blues du businessman, Don’t leave without me by Celine Dion, the Queen, and the Hallelujah of Leonard Cohen.

He had to see this woman shaking the hand of a woman during The Show Must Go On , or his neighbor, eyes closed, and beat the measure with his right index finger during Amazing Grace. Of beautiful moments.

The concerts of this series of shows are not advertised. One wants to avoid the arrival of spectators in large numbers and that the public Health standards become unmanageable

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