Intimate scandal around officer-Ukraine: fresh details. Video

Интимный скандал вокруг сотрудника Нацполиции: свежие подробности. Видео

The student who said the threats Varchenko, wrote a post with an apology. Student accused in the social media official of the interior Ministry in harassment and threats, removed their records and apologized.

19-year-old Natalia, Buraco first social network accused the police of harassment and even gave him a statement to the Prosecutor’s office and then apologized to the family of Alexander Varchenko and deleted your posts.

“I am very ashamed. I Bureiko Natalia wrote an article about the threats from the Alexander Varchenko on the social network Facebook, do not understand the situation and not realizing their actions. I was the victim of a cynical provocation against Alexander and his wife. I admit that the account has been created by hackers from Russia to discredit officials of the National police and the State Bureau of investigation,” wrote a student.

However, a significant portion of users questioned the sincerity of the girl and believes that her or intimidated, or text in General, she didn’t write.

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