Intrigue of Hollywood: why Miley Cyrus spouse first filed for divorce

Liam angered inappropriate behavior of the singer in public

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Интриги Голливуда: почему супруг Майли Сайрус первым подал на развод

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

The main topic of discussion in Hollywood right now is the divorce of American singer Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth. The initiator of parting, as we know, was made by 26-year-old star, but the first documents filed for divorce, her husband.

Watch a video about the unusual causes of divorce:

According to information from Western publications, Us Weekly, Hemsworth was ready to forget all the misunderstanding and resentment, but published on the Internet pictures of Miley kissing a 30-year-old blogger Caitlin Carter, all crossed. For everything, Liam angered the news that his wife even had time to acquaint the mother with a new lover and made a joint public appearance.

“He thought that they could get out of this situation, but all these pictures of her and Kathleen just finished him. Liam is from a very conservative family, and his relatives were stunned by what they saw,” said trusted source.

Earlier, singer Miley Cyrus released an emotional song dedicated to the separation from loved ones. Note that after the singer was captured by paparazzi for kiss with a new lover, 30-year-old model Caitlin Carter, Miley Cyrus decided to introduce her to his mother – Tish Cyrus.

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