“Invasion” of the Gaspésie: the member for Gaspé ask again the support of Quebec

«Invasion» de la Gaspésie: la députée de Gaspé demande à nouveau le soutien de Québec

The member of the parti québecois de Gaspé wishes to a “formal support” of the government Legault to protect the gaspé peninsula tourists recalcitrant, while his request for a meeting of emergency ministers was refused last Friday.

On Monday, The Newspaper showed the extent of the “crisis situation” that currently grips the Gaspé peninsula, while tourists show little civility towards the landscape and the residents of the region.

“Our region is one of the most beautiful in the world and we are always happy to make it discover to tourists from everywhere. However, this year, we are living in an unprecedented situation that requires us to intervene,” said the mp Méganne Perry Mélançon, Monday, by way of a press release.

“You have people leaving their tent in the middle of the beach, garbage everywhere, bottles and even feces, then you have sanitary blocks, a little bit everywhere,” she says, in interview to the Newspaper.

Three requests

The elected, therefore, has sent three requests to the government caquiste in the hope of reducing the harm against the Gaspé peninsula by the massive arrival of the tourists.

She wants first of all an in-person visit of the minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, to remember the rules of civility to visitors, and to see the magnitude of the situation.

  • Listen to Méganne Perry Mélançon, in the interview with Pierre Nantel at QUB Radio:

It also calls for a special budget for more patrol officers of the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) for the summer. These funds will also be used to hire additional security personnel in areas of greatest traffic, and to increase the display of municipal by-laws.

Finally, Ms. Perry Mélançon considers that a supervision more regular and intensive use of beaches would not be too much to avoid that they do not become a place of accommodation.

A meeting refused

The member of the parti québecois did “not intend to make a new one” [of these claims], but the government’s refusal Legault to grant him a meeting with several ministers, and last weekend, pushed to act, ” she says.

“I was told that the regional offices were on the record and that squads were going to be put in place, says Ms. Perry Mélançon. It is clear that it calms the game down, but only temporarily. The area is too big […] and a flood of tourists arrives without judgment.”

After elected, it is an issue of national order that needs to be taken seriously by Quebec and it is hoped that the minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, would respond favorably to his request.

Ms. Guilbault is expected to respond to the request of the member for Gaspé in the press point 13h.


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