Investigation on a mysterious island

Investigating a Mysterious Island


After winning the hearts of thousands of readers with The Sanatorium, a debut novel that became an international bestseller, British writer Sarah Pearse returns with The Nest. A novel where the drama occurs in an idyllic resort built on a mysterious island. Inspector Elin Warner does not take long to discover that a serial killer is at work on this magnificent island which nevertheless hides heavy secrets.

A group arrives in Lumen in the middle of a heat wave in June. The luxurious wellness center is built on an isolated island where everyone aspires to one thing: total relaxation. The dreamy atmosphere is immediately destroyed when a body is found on the rocks, below the yoga pavilion.

The island where Lumen is built is named Reaper's Rock, after the rocky outcrop that dominates it. But “reaper”, in English, also means “the reaper”… Is this a predestined name? Already, in 2002, the island had been the scene of a series of murders in a holiday camp.

Inspector Elin Warner, who has just returned to service after a break, is responsible for investigation. His early theories are dismissed when a second victim is found. She is dealing with a serial killer. 


Sarah Pearse, a novelist who excels in creating a sinister atmosphere where luxury meets drama, was inspired by a small island called Thatcher Rock, Devon, to write The Nest , an astonishing camera. In the novel, this place is called Cary's Island.

“It's a place that has caught my attention since I was little. The island is located near where I live, but I took some liberties to place it a little further from the coast in my novel,” she explains in an interview.

< p>“Legend has it that the rock looks like a man fixing a thatched roof – something unthreatening, actually. But I have transformed it somewhat: the rock that I am describing makes one think of an assassin. Much more sinister. 

“I wanted to create a luxurious villa, a heavenly place that promotes well-being, but where something dark lurks. Jo, one of the characters, also conceals secrets and many lies. This creates some interesting contrasts. »

“In society, what we see in magazines and on social networks are often just facades: what happens behind the scenes is often much more interesting! she observes.

Genuine Inspector

Elin Warner, the Inspector, is from Devon. 

“I wanted it to come from a place close to my home, where I was born and where I grew up. There is a part of local historical elements in my novel. » 

Sarah Pearse wanted her to be very authentic as well. 

“I wanted it to be very real, very authentic. I wanted her to face anxiety issues in her life and to face her past. »

  • Sarah Pearse studied English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Warwick in the UK. 
  • She lived in Switzerland for a while.
  • She is the author of the best-selling The sanatorium, which was an international hit.


Elin and Steed grope behind Rachel in the rocks at the foot of the cliffs. Small flat pebbles mix with huge stones piled on top of each other: an ancient collapse.

Elin, already sweating, wipes his forehead with the back of his the hand. Going around the cliff, she sees the rescuers leaning over the body, talking in low voices.

She examines the scene: a thin, blonde woman in her thirties. years, lying on the rocks. »