iOS 14: Here is how your iPhone will change

iOS 14: Voici comment votre iPhone changera

With iOS 14, the next operating system of the iPhone, Apple will include a significant update to its home screen, as well as an assistant vocal intelligent (Siri) less intrusive to improve the experience of its users.

Pandemic is forcing, the annual conference of Apple held exclusively online. Craig Federighi, vice president of software engineering at Apple, took the opportunity to announce the new features which the customers and developers can expect when the update of the operating system of iPhone will be deployed later this year.

According to Apple, the iPhone, and all devices launched since will be able to do the update.

Here is how your iPhone will change with iOS 14.

  • Less chaos in your screen

App Library you will eliminate many pages of applications and folders poorly organised for the benefit of a single page navigable to the vertical, on which these applications will be grouped by categories, automated or custom.

It is also possible to access directly to applications without entering in the records. Just put your finger on the icon for the application opens.

  • Of widgets redesigned and icons of different sizes

Inspired by the interface of the Apple Watch, the new home page and widgets of the iPhone will be more personalized. You can select the size of the widgets so that they display more or less information, depending on our habits and our preferences.

We will then move into our main screen. If you want to see the latest headlines directly on your home screen, it is possible. You want to put a framed photo of your family directly on your interface? It is also possible.

A feature called Smart Stack will navigate through different widgets on the same icon. It may also load itself through the artificial intelligence, in order to present you with what you need according to your habits. For example, if you are travelling to the office with the aid of a route, you will be able to see your agenda for the day.

  • More need to put your video on pause

It is now possible to keep in the foreground of a video when doing other tasks on his device. If you listen to a movie or receive a message, you can continue to listen to this film, even if you switch to another application.

If you have an iPad on which is installed the most recent update, it will work exactly the same way.

It will also be possible to reduce the video on the side of our screen, but to keep her active. Perfect for listening to podcasts on YouTube.

  • A Siri more discreet

Siri will appear discreetly in the bottom of your screen for an experience more fluid rather than taking the whole screen each time we call knowledge. His answers to your questions will be displayed as the notifications are of type “banner”. With more than 25 billion requests made to Siri each month, it is not too early.

  • Even more security

Last year, Apple announced the feature “sign in with Apple”, which allows you to keep your private information… private.

With iOS 14, developers will be able to offer you to migrate your existing accounts to an Apple account.

If a application asks you for your position, you can also decide to give an approximate rather than precise.

  • Access to 11 languages in your pocket

One of the biggest additions this year is Translate, a new application of translation. It will bring almost instant messages from one language to another. It will also be able to automatically recognize the language in which you speak, and translate your about how audio. 11 languages will be available at the output, including the French.

A tool that might be practical when you will be able to again travel abroad, since it will be accessible without cellular network or Wi-Fi access.

Additions less important Messages, Maps and CarPlay were also announced.

The release date of iOS 14 remains undetermined. If we rely on the usual timetable of output of mobile operating systems from Apple, it will be available in the month of September.

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