iPad Air 2024 13 inches: the pleasure of using iPad OS on a giant screen without completely breaking the bank

iPad Air 2024 13 inches: the pleasure of using iPad OS on a giant screen without completely breaking the bank

Cet iPad Air 13 pouces 2024 aurait été une réussite totale si l’affichage avait été fluide. dpa – Christoph Dernbach

The iPad Air range is enriched this year with an XXL model. Two more inches changes everything, even if this screen is not flawless.

If this year all the spotlights have been on the new iPad Pros, which concentrate the best of technology in 2024, Apple has also released two new iPad Airs. Tablets that are much more financially affordable (from 909 euros) while being sophisticated enough to appeal to the general public. Particularly the 13-inch version, which Midi Librewas able to test for a good fortnight.

Obviously, what strikes you as soon as you unpack the device, still so well packaged, is the size of the screen. Gigantic even if the borders could have been finer. Once turned on, you rediscover iPad OS thanks to a display surface incomparable with the 11-inch version, which seems tiny next to it. This XXL size could have been a handicap when it comes to handling the device but this is not the case, especially for use mainly at home. The iPad remains thin and light and the smartcover (119 euros all the same) allows you to easily place it on a table, on your lap… hellip; or on his chest, lying in bed!

Perfect for reading, browsing the internet…

The size of this screen, still in 4/3 format, is perfect for reading, browsing the internet, scrolling on social networks, making video calls or watching videos, series and including movies. Two more inches changes everything. However, we would like certain applications to be better optimized for a display of this size, we are thinking in particular of Facebook which offers more emptiness than information in front of the eyes.

iPad Air 2024 13 inches: the pleasure of using iPad OS on a giant screen without completely breaking the bank

A keyboard is sold as an option. MAXPPP – HANDOUT/APPLE INC HANDOUT

Still, not everything is perfect on this slab. First, it’s classic LCD, not Oled like on the Pro. Blacks still lack depth. We notice this immediately with the videos, which lack contrast and above all display grayer bands than anything else at the top and bottom. As Oled is increasingly present on smartphones, TVs and monitors, it is difficult to go back for an informed user.

60 Hz, that’s too little in 2024

The other big downside of this screen is its refresh rate: a basic 60Hz. Translation: it catches on. The animations really lack fluidity. As 120 Hz is almost the norm today except on entry-level products, we are so used to it that what may seem like a detail is not one for those who pay attention to details.

Be careful, this is not catastrophic: the experience is not spoiled in any way, but this ideally sized screen is somewhat weighed down by its technology which seems a little dated in mid-2024.

For the rest, it's all good: the M2 chip makes short work of the applications which launch at full speed even when several are already behind- plan; the battery lasts a good ten hours; the construction is still as neat; the quality of the speakers is there and the charging is fast enough.


This 13-inch 2024 iPad Air would have been a total success if the display had been fluid. The Oled, we can do without it and understand that it is reserved for the Pro version but these 60 Hz is a real shame. It remains a very nice product that allows you to enjoy like never before the comfort provided by iPad OS while remaining affordable.

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