iPhone movie Apple banned the villains to use smartphones

Hollywood Director has revealed the secret rule the use of Apple devices in the industry

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If you like to watch Hollywood movies, you will notice how often the actors in the scene using the equipment Apple. On closer examination it is evident that iPhone, iPod or iPad never are villains, but only the Goodies. Recently it became clear that this is no accident. It is reported MacRummors.

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Directed by Rian Johnson, who directed the popular film “Get knives” (Knives Out), told interesting details about the terms on which Apple offers the iPhone and other equipment for advertising in movies.

It was found that if the film you plan to use Apple equipment as an advertisement, the company scrutinizes the script before filming, and prohibits the use of iPhones antagonists – villains, and any other negative characters.

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“Apple allows you to use your iPhone in the movies, but (and this is very important) the bad guys on the screen can’t own the iPhone. So now every Director in the movie which has villain wants to kill me,” commented Ryan Johnson.

Apple is known for its strict rules of use, image and photographing devices. For example, in their guidelines for the use of trademarks and copyrights Apple, Apple products should show only “in the best light, method or context that reflected favorably on the Apple products”.

We will remind that earlier was disclosed a plan of presentations and 2020 smartphones iPhone from Apple. Analysts also predict the emergence of Apple laptops that will run on the CPU from the iPhone.

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iPhone в кино: Apple запретила злодеям пользоваться смартфонами

iPhone в кино: Apple запретила злодеям пользоваться смартфонами

iPhone в кино: Apple запретила злодеям пользоваться смартфонами

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