Iran: 235 died of the coronavirus in 24 hours, new record

Iran: 235 morts du coronavirus en 24 heures, nouveau record

Tehran | The health authorities in iran have announced on Tuesday have registered in 24 hours 235 additional deaths due to the coronavirus, a new record in Iran, the Middle East countries most affected by the epidemic.

“We have lost 235 of our compatriots by reason of the COVID-19 in the last 24 hours,” said the spokesman of the ministry of Health, Sima Sadat Lari, in the course of his daily press briefings, bringing the official death toll of the pandemic in Iran 16 147 dead.

The islamic Republic is facing since the end of June to a net increase of daily mortality due to the virus, saving the 21 July, a first record of death (+229) since the beginning of the epidemic in February.

“The situation is alarming” in Iran, regretted the spokesperson, noting that “the number of hospitalizations in the day-to-day in the country” approach “of the peak of the disease” in march.

Ms. Lari is also reported to be 2.667 new cases of contamination these last 24 hours, bringing the official toll of people infected in Iran 296.273.

On 31 provinces in iran three are now classified as “red”, the highest category of the scale of the risk of the virus, according to the spokesperson.

“Tehran, the most populated province, has become red for the first time since the first peak of the virus,” added Ms. Lari. Lari, calling for the strict application of good hygiene.

In order to cope with the resurgence of the outbreak of new coronavirus-from the beginning of the month of may, the State has made masks mandatory in public places covered and reimposed restrictions in the provinces most affected.

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