Iran: accidental explosion in a refinery in the southwest

Iran: Accidental explosion at southwestern refinery


An accidental explosion occurred overnight from Thursday to Friday at one of Iran's oldest refineries, causing property damage but no casualties, the news agency said official Irna. 

“The bursting of a furnace in the sulfur production unit of the Abadan refinery (south-west) was the cause of the explosion which caused no casualties,” she said.

“On Friday morning, production at the refinery continued normally,” the agency added.

Built in 1912, the plant is the oldest refinery and one of the largest in Iran. It provides “25% of the country's fuel needs by producing, in particular, liquefied gas, kerosene, sulphur, bitumen”, the agency said.

The city of Abadan, in the province of Khuzestan, is located about 650 kilometers (404 miles) from the capital Tehran and was the scene of one of the country's deadliest disasters in May.

A 10-storey building under construction collapsed on May 23, killing 43 people and sparking a series of protests across the country against authorities, accused of corruption and incompetence