Iran accuses Israel of threatening an airliner

L'Iran accuse Israël d'avoir menacé un avion de ligne

Iran has accused Thursday evening, Israel has tried to intercept at the top of the Syria airliner in iran connecting Tehran to Beirut.

The public television of iran showed a video of a passenger screaming while a plane of the company, the iranian Mahan Air seemed to try to escape at least two combat aircraft.

“While the aircraft (iranian) was in the sky above Syria, combat aircraft of the zionist regime approached the aircraft to Mahan Airlines “, according to the public television.

“Due to this dangerous action of the hunter israel, the pilot of the commercial plane has quickly reduce the flight altitude to avoid colliding with the fighter, israeli, wounding (by consequence) a number of passengers on board. “

A security source of the lebanese gave to AFP in Beirut, a similar version of the incident.

“A plane in iran which was intercepted in the airspace of syria, landed at the airport of Beirut. There are four minor injuries among the passengers, ” said the source.

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