Iran announces 162 dead, record of deaths daily since the start of the pandemic

L’Iran annonce 162 morts, record de décès quotidiens depuis le début de la pandémie

TEHRAN | health authorities announced Monday 162 excess deaths caused by the disease COVID-19 in Iran, the highest number of daily deaths linked to the virus since the epidemic began in February.

The previous balance sheet record of 158 deaths had been registered in early April in this country the most affected of the Near and Middle East.

On several occasions, the government’s figures have been challenged by foreign experts as well as by some iranian officials that the suspect to be largely under-estimated.

“This increase is in truth a reflection of our overall response, both in terms of re-opening that, in terms of compliance with sanitary protocols”, regretted Sima Sadat Lari, a spokesperson for the ministry of Health, when his point-press daily broadcast on State television.

The new balance of daily deaths door to 10, 670 the number of deaths related to the new coronavirus in the country, she said.

In the last 24 hours, 2536 new cases of contamination have been identified, leading to the 225 205 the total of confirmed cases in Iran, she added.

According to the official figures provided by the authorities, Iran had recorded its lowest-balance-sheet daily in early may before being confronted in recent weeks with a further increase, raising fears of a second wave epidemic, which the authorities deny.

The islamic Republic has never imposed containment mandatory to its population, but has cancelled all public events and closed businesses non-core in march, before gradually remove restrictions from April to try to revive its economy.

According to Ms. Lari, the provinces of Khuzestan, of Hormozgan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Bouchehr, Azerbaijan between east and West and Khorassan-e-Razavi are classified as red –the highest level of risk according to the color code established by the authorities.

The situation in those of Ilam, Lorestan and Golestan remains critical, she said.

Iran declared Saturday that wearing a mask will be mandatory in the “indoor areas where there are business combinations” with effect from 4 July.

On the same day, the supreme leader of iran, ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has noted that the efforts to curb the disease have “diminished, in respect of certain persons and authorities”, warning that the country’s economic problems would get worse in the case of unchecked spread of the epidemic.

The iranian rial has plunged to new lows against the us dollar in recent days because of the temporary closure of the economy, the closing of the borders and of the judgment of non-oil exports, according to analysts.

The economic problems of the islamic Republic have worsened since 2018, after the unilateral withdrawal of Washington in may of the agreement on the iranian nuclear issue and the re-imposition of u.s. sanctions against Tehran.

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