Iran: demonstration in New York for women and against the New York Times

Iran: demonstration in New York for women and against the New York Times


A hundred Iranians and Americans demonstrated outside the headquarters of the New York Times in Manhattan on Tuesday, officially to defend women in Iran, but also to accuse the newspaper and one of its reporters of “biased” articles. 

In anger after the death in mid-September of a 22-year-old Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, who was arrested by the morality police, the activist Forouzan Farahani knelt on the sidewalk at the foot of the huge New York Times building and shaved her hair in front of the press.

“We are here to protest against the murder of Masha Amini in Iran and for the uprising that is taking place across the country,” Farahani, a 31-year-old “Iranian feminist” who entered the United States, told AFP. to a student visa. 

She was also quick to explain that she and her fellow activists resented the New York Times (NYT) because “in recent years their narrative has been skewed and their selective approach in reporting Iranian news here” in the United States.

The prestigious American daily of international renown does not have “a neutral position” in the face of the unrest shaking the Islamic Republic, accused Forouzan Farahani, whose hair loss was arranged on copies of articles and posters placed on the roadway and trampled by protesters.

The signs held up by the protesters directly attacked the NYT, asking “why (it was) so quiet” in the face of demonstrations in Iran since September 16.

The activists have mainly targeted a New York-based NYT journalist, Farnaz Fassihi, who has been particularly experienced on the Middle East for two decades and who is currently covering the crisis in Iran. 

They accuse him of bias. 

“We support our coverage of the unrest in Iran, led by Farnaz Fassihi, an experienced journalist who has covered the Middle East for 25 years,” a spokesperson told AFP. word of the New York Times.

“As demonstrated today, Farnaz is regularly and unfairly harassed and threatened for her independent and highly sourced coverage, which holds the authoritarian Iranian regime responsible. she continued.

The spokesperson assured that the NYT would “continue to do so as (its) reporters cover nationwide anti-government protests.”

The power in the Islamic Republic remains firm in the face of demonstrators protesting against the death t of Mahsa Amini detained by the morality police, despite calls from the international community to end the crackdown that has left dozens dead.