Iran: Washington proposes to the UN to extend the arms embargo

Iran: Washington propose à l’ONU de prolonger l’embargo sur les armes

United Nations | The United States has returned Monday to their partners in the security Council of the UN a draft resolution condemning attacks in 2019 in saudi Arabia charged Iran and proposing to extend to this country an arms embargo, according to diplomats.

Supported on Friday by France, Germany and the United Kingdom, the United States should use a semi-annual meeting on Iran of the security Council scheduled for 30 June to defend their project, which should oppose Russia and China.

No date for a vote has not yet been advanced.

Iran has until October to an embargo on the weapons bound to the resolution 2231 which have endorsed the nuclear deal concluded international in 2015 with Tehran.

Since the beginning of the year, Washington has undertaken to encourage security Council members to support an extension of the embargo, leaving some of them a draft resolution in this sense.

Friday, in a joint press release, Paris, Berlin and London, signatories to the nuclear deal with Moscow and Beijing, have spoken out against the lifting of the embargo.

“We consider that the strike scheduled for next October to the united Nations embargo on conventional arms, established by the resolution 2231, could have major implications for the regional security and stability,” they wrote.

Russia and China have already rejected in advance any idea of extending the embargo, and have again denounced recently the withdrawal in 2018 of the Member-States of the nuclear deal reached with Tehran.

The draft resolution american, obtained by AFP, ” condemns the terrorist attacks of September 2019 against the saudi Arabia-led by Iran “.

He decides that from October “all member States shall prohibit the supply, sale or transfer, direct or indirect, ( … ) weapons and materials appendices” unless exceptions are approved with a 30-day notice.

Some experts see the american approach vis-à-vis the embargo, a priori, doomed to failure, as a first step before you try to make réimposer by the UN economic sanctions against Tehran, which had been lifted thanks to the nuclear deal concluded in 2015.

Friday, Paris, London and Berlin had launched a warning to the United States, rejecting “any unilateral attempt” to réimposer the UN sanctions against Iran.

Since the United States has denounced unilaterally the agreement in 2018, and that Iran responded by resuming its uranium enrichment activities, the nuclear deal historic of 2015 has become very precarious.

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