Iraq: a deputy from the dies of the COVID-19, 600% increase in cases in June

Irak: une députée décède de la COVID-19, hausse de 600% des cas en juin

Baghdad | An mp in iraq has succumbed Friday to the new coronavirus, announced the official agency of the country where cases of COVID-19 have jumped 600% in June, according to an NGO.

Ghida Kambach, member of parliament for 46 years of the province of Diyala, east of Baghdad, is the first member of Parliament to death of the COVID-19, but at least twenty of his colleagues have already been infected by the virus, said recently the president of the Assembly, Mohammed al-Halboussi.

Iraq has long remained little affected by the pandemic, but in June, according to the NGO International Rescue Committee (IRC), the cases of the coronavirus have surged by 600%, including hundreds of doctors infected.

The department of Health announced Friday it has identified approximately 70 000 contamination, of which nearly 3000 of them fatal, while about 40 000 people have been cured.

With hospitals at the edge of saturation, the vast premises of the Baghdad international Fair has been equipped with hospital beds and many hotels cater to families in quarantine.

But in a country in a chronic shortage of doctors, medicines and hospital beds, many videos are circulating on social networks, showing in particular of the hospitals in the southern province of Zi Qar lacking oxygen to help patients end, some families took on the caregiver, assaulting at least one woman doctor.

In the Face of the outcry in the country, the ministry of Health immediately sent bottles of oxygen in this province, one of the bastions of the popular revolt last October, where protesters continue to denounce the mismanagement of the authorities.

The minister of Health, Hassan Salman, was Friday, to Diwaniyah, another Southern province, to visit hospitals.

Since march, the different planes of aid have landed in Iraq, providing testing, protection equipment and hundreds of bottles of oxygen.

The epidemic of COVID-19 is of particular concern in Iraq, as the country is the second largest producer of oil in OPEC, is experiencing the worst economic crisis in its recent history. The containment, for example, deprive millions of Iraqis of income.

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