Ireland: pubs, accused of violating the health rules to their reopening

Irlande: des pubs accusés de violer les règles sanitaires à leur réouverture

The irish police said on Thursday have found infringements of sanitary rules related to the outbreak of novel coronavirus in 26 pubs, who are now facing prosecution, during the first weekend of reopening of these institutions.

After more than three months of stop due to the confinement decreed the end of march, the pubs, restaurants and hotels in ireland were allowed to leave last Friday to serve new customers, with the stipulation that they eat and only outside.

According to the police, 2785 institutions had opened their doors between Friday and Sunday night, for this penultimate step in the government plan intended to re-open progressively the country.

But the authorities also found ” potential violations of the health rules or those related to the licensing of “, even after giving an opportunity to the institutions concerned to ” rectify the situation “.

According to the agents, some customers drank for example of the alcohol without having ordered to eat, as required by the legislation on the coronavirus. Others bustled in large groups around small tables, not respecting the “little or no” measures of social distancing.

In addition, some bars and restaurants do not ask their customers to provide the necessary information to contact them in the event of contamination in their midst, as required by law.

“We remain concerned by the fact that a minority (institutions) work by violating potentially these regulations,” said assistant commissioner John Twomey, warning that a folder is prepared to continue the 26 locations identified.

Images showing customers in the streets of Dublin seeming to break the rules of social distancing have popped up this weekend on the social networks. To such a point that the new Prime minister, Micheal Martin, ” dissatisfied “, warned Monday that such behavior could lead to the postponement of the reopening full of pubs, for the moment scheduled for 20 July.

According to the official figures, 1.738 people tested positive died of the new coronavirus in Ireland, where the spread of the epidemic is slowing down sharply. For the moment, only one death has been recorded this week in the country.

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