Irina Gorovaya admitted as maintains shape

Producer and businesswoman spoke about what is excluded from the diet

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Ирина Горовая призналась, как поддерживает форму

Irina Gorovaya

Producer, businesswoman Irina Gorovaya, who recently spoke about the relationship with the captain, discovered artists such as Potapov, the group “Time and Glass”, Michelle Andrade. Ex-wife of rapper Potap in “Sravi way” on TV channel “Ukraine” said, what diet adheres to be in good physical shape.

“Has refused from sweet, fried, from fast food. In the future, in a month from a hookah, because I this sin is terrible. And from any kind of alcohol other than 1 glass at the weekend. And I got minus 5 kg in 2 months”, – says the Biol.

Coffee producer is also planning to give in the future.

Ирина Горовая призналась, как поддерживает форму

Irina Gorovaya

“Coffee I drink every morning. I’m trying to unlearn it, because coffee is not really probably healthy drink. And I was even in a training workshop about the tea. And I want to switch to tea, because it is more healthy drink. But now, in the moment, I’m usually the morning begins with coffee with milk, no sugar required. And this something easy for a snack,” says the producer of the group “Time and glass”.

By the way, horova has no time to cook, so eats food that she gets to order.

“Well, first, now due to the fact that I am running constantly, I don’t even have time to go to a restaurant, I order food from a variety of services that bring me in the morning at 9 am, I eat Breakfast, take and then eat throughout the day 5 times. And there’s quite a well-balanced meal,” says horova.

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