Irina Gorovaya openly talked about the relationship with Potapov

Horova also told about the beginning of cooperation with ex-husband

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Ирина Горовая откровенно рассказала об отношениях с Потапом

Irina Gorovaya

In a candid interview with the channel “Ukraine” in the program “kawa z pepper” Irina Gorovaya, producer and successful businesswoman, spoke about his relationship with the former spouse Potapov (Alexey Potapenko) about how she does business and communicates with the first husband.

Irina Gorovaya. Interview “Kava z pepper”

“I met a wonderful, beautiful, talented Alexey Potapenko, fell in love with him. I was 25 years old somewhere, he was 19,” recalls Irina. Leading noted that while the producer was still married and with a baby (for the first time horova married at the age of 16).

“On paper I was married, but we have… this is a purely legal was such a Convention. But we were friends first. And then friendship between a man and a woman is impossible, and yet we managed a novel. With my husband we had gone”.

It turned out that the captain was friends with the first husband of Irina: “And now, friends, we are all good friends and we have all this big Italian family. And finished his career in banking and of course when I’m already with their Luggage and knowledge thought if I want to go back to the Bank, or I want something different, I suggested Potap – I’m here to help”.

Ирина Горовая откровенно рассказала об отношениях с Потапом

Irina Gorovaya and Potap with his son

Horova also remembered the beginning of cooperation with Alexey Potapenko: “He certainly fought back, saying: “I mean, you’re banking your dirty hands will touch me, the sun, which communicates with the space? You me in a box not put.” I said, “No, but I let’s try. Quietly. And so little by little we started the company”.

In this company Potap got the creative part, but Irina is responsible for all issues related to money. In 1999 they married, and in 2008 came to light their joint son Andrew! Then the individual is not hindered, but rather helped to move the mountains! Together, the couple has opened for bands such as “Potap and Nastya”, “Time and Glass”, singers Michelle Andrade and Ingret!

There was a time when a well-known businesswoman and producer Horova in the media simply called “ex-wife Potap”.

Leading asked Irina, did not touch her this fact: “If I was the wife of the captain, I do not cling. It’s probably some of the internal, when you hide behind a big back and run through it. It was my such a long way and it was easier – to put forward Lesha, he came there and said – uh, Hello. And here again, I – Hello, man from the briefcase. And resolve issues”, – said Irina.

Ирина Горовая откровенно рассказала об отношениях с Потапом

Irina Gorovaya with children

“And now I’m completely an independent brand, I know that coming in any door, I know already.”

It turns out that between the star and their spouses ran a black cat. In 2016, they said that are no longer spouses. It added that five years was hiding do not live together!

“When it is in such…even when ranock open, whatever it was – big or small, when there are third parties in all this, however, they can change the course of events. Still, there are things that do not want to read. There are things you do not want to endure. We have children, there are partners who have some history.”

Earlier Irina Gorovaya said about the new addition to the family.

We also wrote about the fact that Nastya Kamenskih commented on the relationship with Potapov.

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