Irina Shayk after breaking up with Bradley Cooper talked about marriage

The supermodel gave a Frank interview

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Ирина Шейк после разрыва с Брэдли Купером поговорила о браке

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper broke up after four years of relationship. Recently the press reported the probable cause of the rupture. According to media reports, on the couple affected woman, and it’s not Lady Gaga.

Watch a video about the relationship and the breakup Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper:

And recently, Irina Shayk has given an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. The supermodel commented on the increased interest in her personal life.

“I think it’s just human nature: you cannot be something you want to have it. There is a curtain that you want to open. I think it’s a curiosity,” she said.

Irina Shayk was also told it. According to Irina, she believes in marriage, but would never encourage someone to formalize the relationship. “Everyone looks at it differently. If I believe in marriage? Yes, of course. I’m not one of those who are against him”.

Ирина Шейк после разрыва с Брэдли Купером поговорила о браке

Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk and their daughter Leah

It also became known that Irina Shayk is not one of those women who like communication in the network. The supermodel is sure: if you want to have dinner with a girl – just pick up the phone, call and invite her. Star does not intend to waste your time on correspondence, which lead to nothing.

“I really believe that if you want to dine with someone, no need to email them. You just pick up the phone, call and say, “let’s have dinner”.

But at the moment Irina Shayk is focused on his daughter Leah and settles in the West village (Manhattan), where she moved, known to be a loner.

Earlier we wrote that Bradley Cooper after breaking up with Irina Shayk took daughter.

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