Irina Shayk told how combines career and motherhood

Ирина Шейк рассказала, как совмещает карьеру и материнство

Irina Shayk has shared his own experience

32-year-old brunette is in a relationship with American actor Bradley Cooper for over three years. The lovers have already become parents, so educate one daughter, writes the with reference to Storinka

In addition celebrities have purchased luxury apartment situated in the heart of new York. However, the Russian supermodel is in no hurry to get married, despite the engagement and the ring with a massive emerald. And today Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper arrived in Berlin, where the star of the catwalks made a splash, boasting stunning outfit.

Young mother posing in black coat with Golden buttons, the actual boots or boots on high heels with plaid print, tight-fitting leggings and a jumper. Besides famous Russian woman complement fashionable outfit using miniature leather bag, silk shawl with colorful ornaments and sunglasses. However, according to Irina Shayk is not only posed in a fashionable bow, but gave a Frank interview. Star podiums said: “I am proud to have returned to the profession after just a few weeks after the birth of her daughter. I think if you love your job, you can find time for everything. Today so many young mothers who work in different spheres of our life. But this does not prevent them fully take care of the children.”

Additionally, the leggy brunette said: “I like to play sports, walk, like normal people. Bradley is very supportive of all my endeavors. But really, I don’t feel the lack of attention. After all that I do, I do with love and passion.” At the same time, Irina admitted that she dreams about multiple babies. However, while the pair intends to focus on career and parenting the older heiress.

Ирина Шейк рассказала, как совмещает карьеру и материнство

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