Iris Mittenaere in a relationship with Diego El Glaoui : it formalizes outfit Halloween ❤️

Iris Mittenaere en couple avec Diego El Glaoui : elle officialise en tenue d'Halloween ❤️

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Iris Mittenaere in a relationship with Diego El Glaoui : it formalizes

After having had one year relationship with Kev Adams, Iris Mittenaere would today be in a relationship with the influencer Diego El Glaoui. The rumor has gone on for several weeks, but it is now more a since the ex-Miss France formalized their story on Instagram, on the occasion of Halloween.

Iris Mittenaere and Kev Adams have been as a couple ! It is the comedian and actor, who confirmed the rumor, explaining the reasons of their break-up in an interview given to Paris Match : “go Out with Miss Universe 2016 has been my daily for almost a year. Our history has not market, because we were both very young and very busy, but when you share your life with someone for nearly a year, the affection does not disappear overnight.” The beauty queen and the actor seen in Alad’2 are still stayed together a year.

Iris Mittenaere formalizes with her new boyfriend

If Kev Adams hasn’t found love since her break up with Iris Mittenaere, this is not the case for Miss France 2016. A few weeks ago, we have been able to read on the web that it fréquenterait an influencer by the name of Diego El Glaoui : the two stars are not bad sown the seed of doubt without actually displaying it publicly. Well, it took the Etam Live Show 2019 and Halloween (and a trip to New York for Miss Universe 2016 formalizes his marriage with the beautiful brown.

It is with a picture of them dressed as Miss Living Dead, and Mr Living Dead as she confirmed their romance : “I wanted one last little crown ahah. Or when you can’t you remove this virus from the crown and that you pass it on.” For his part, Diego El Glaoui, who is the brother of the blogger Kenza Sadoun El Glaoui, has also shared the snapshot on her behalf Instagram : “Thank you my love, give me all the tips to win this beauty contest.

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