Irish goalkeeper with the scandal was removed from the field during the… the penalty shoot-out (video)

Ирландского вратаря со скандалом удалили с поля во время... серии послематчевых пенальти (видео)

Small football tragedy occurred during the quarterfinal match of the youth European championship which these days passes in England.

Goalkeeper of the youth national team of Ireland James Corcoran was sent off during the… penalty shootout in the quarterfinal match against the national team of the Netherlands.

The young gate guard managed to repel the ball after hitting Daysone Redon. But the Czech referee Zbynek Proske (by the way, one of his assistants was our Vladimir Vysotsky) saw in the actions of the goalkeeper violation of the rules (the Irishman ran forward before you hit the ball) and showed the Corcoran yellow card. The warning was for the Irishman’s second in the duel that resulted in the removal.

Video of the controversial episode, see here

Once the location of Corcoran took fielder, the Irish lost in a series with the account 4:5 and was eliminated from the tournament.

By the way, after playing one of the Irish TV channels reasonably asked the question: hasn’t he violated the rules similarly fails to score winners when parried penalty? In a very similar situation, the referee decided that the Keeper of the Dutch acted within the rules and the card it did not show. “Don’t look for fairness in football“—so, in my opinion, our famous coach Viktor Prokopenko…


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