Irish woman reports domestic assault to police: she is accused of 'attempted suicide' and remains stranded in Dubai

Irish woman reports domestic assault to police: she is accused of 'attempted suicide' and remains stranded in Dubai

Tori Towey devra répondre à des accusations criminelles devant le tribunal de Dubaï la semaine prochaine (illustration). Unsplash – ZQ Lee

A 28-year-old young woman went to the police station to report a domestic assault of which she was allegedly the victim. She was accused by authorities of “attempted suicide” and "alcohol consumption".

Tori Towey, a 28-year-old Irish woman, found herself stranded in the United Arab Emirates after she was accused of "attempted suicide" and "consumption of alcohol" by a court in Dubai. She worked in that country as a flight attendant with Emirates.

Two offenses

She went to the police station to file a complaint and denounce the domestic violence of which she was allegedly a victim at her home. Despite the numerous apparent injuries on her body, authorities charged her with attempted suicide and consuming alcohol in the United Arab Emirates. They then decided to block his passport, thus preventing him from returning to Ireland.

Tori Towey will face criminal charges in Dubai court next week. She could get a prison sentence.

The young woman awaits her judgment and finds comfort with her mother who is in Dubai. "I can't wait to go home to Ireland and put all this behind me", she told The Irish Sun, before asking the "Taoiseach", the head of the Irish government, for help.

"We are calling on our local representatives, the Foreign Office, the Embassy and the Taoiseach to do everything possible to bring my daughter home safely", her mother also asked, highlighting "the worst time of her life" that her daughter has just been through, and her need to come home to "heal".

Irish Prime Minister "ready to speak"

Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris told the Assembly that he was "ready to intervene& quot; in this case, detailing that the situation "under the most appalling circumstances" was raised with the Minister of Foreign Affairs by Sinn Féin. The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs told Sky News that&rsquo ;he was "aware of the matter and was providing consular assistance".< /p>

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