Iron and flesh: published new footage of the film “Terminator: Dark destiny”

The footage appeared familiar and new characters – Sarah Connor, T-800, Rev-9, grace

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Железо и плоть: опубликованы новые кадры фильма "Терминатор: Темные судьбы"

Shot from a film “Terminator 6: Dark destiny”

In the network there are new footage from the movie “Terminator 6”. Pictures appeared on Twitter of the edition of Total Film. On promocode you can see how familiar characters – Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) and the new heroes: Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna), grace (Mackenzie Davis).

Watch the video about how Arnold Schwarzenegger took a walk around Los Angeles in costume and makeup of the Terminator:

The Director of the movie was made by Tim Miller, the Creator of the first part of “Deadpool”. And producer James Cameron, who was the Director and screenwriter of the first two parts of “Terminator”.

“Terminator: Dark destiny”Photo:”Terminator: Dark destiny”Photo:”Terminator: Dark destiny”Photo:”Terminator: Dark destiny”Photo:”Terminator: Dark destiny”Photo:

Note that the picture of “Terminator: the Dark destiny” will be a continuation of the picture “Terminator 2: judgment day” (1991). In Ukrainian, the film will be released on October 31 of this year. Now available the trailer of the film “the Terminator: the Dark fate.”

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We will remind, earlier in the network appeared the trailer for the sci-Fi Thriller “Terminator: Dark destiny”, which only recently were the details. Also already there are the first poster of the painting.

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