Irresponsible : the best French comedy that you don’t have a view

Irresponsable : la meilleure comédie française que vous n'avez pas vue

Sébastien Chassagne plays Julien in Irresponsible

There are little gems that go a little unnoticed… Irresponsible is part of this category, but don’t worry, it is never too late to discover a good series ! On the occasion of the launch this Thursday 5 December of his 3rd and last season on OCS, PRBK you speak of the comedy carried by Sébastien Chassagne. Has to see urgently !

When we say “series French:” we think the series of TF1, which are not necessarily a guarantee of quality (even that some of them may surprise us), to the series of France on Tv or even, more engaging this time, with the series of Canal+. But it was sometimes a little tend – wrongly – to the neglect of the original creations of OCS. Because no, OCS does not broadcast only series HBO like Game of Thrones, Watchmen, or His Dark Materials, and The Walking Dead ! Over the years, the platform has proposed several sets of French original that are worth checking out as The Great, 25, Missions and Irresponsible.

Irresponsible, what is it ?

The storyIrresponsible, it is that of Julien. Has 30 years past, it was still not a stable life, connects the evenings alcoholic and joints. In short, it is a irresponsible. But his life will change when he is forced to go back to live with his mother in a parisian suburb, after financial worries. He will meet Mary, his first love… and discover that she has a son of 15 years, of which he is the father. Even if he never really passed the crisis of a teenager, Julien will attempt to get closer to his son… But it is not won !

The trailer for season 1 of Irresponsible

Funny and touching

We found Irresponsible in 2015 at the Festival Series Mania, and the series was established among our favorites. A feeling that has to be confirmed after seasons 1, 2 and even season 3, which begins this Thursday, December 5 on OCS. If Irresponsible is a success, it is for several reasons. First, because, as any self-respecting comedy, it is REALLY funny. When we say “really”, it does not lie : we have not counted the number of times where we esclaffé in front of our screen ! Another good point : it manages to combine the laughter and emotions. Irresponsible knows how to move us, touch us, make us cry, too. The while remaining very modern in its content and in its writing.

Sébastien Chassagne, the revelation of Irresponsible

At the head ofIrresponsible – aside from the author and creator Frederic Rosset – we find Sébastien Chassagne, the interpreter of Julien, which is one of the first professional roles of this passionate drama. “Julien look like the man that I could have become without the theatre,” he confided to Télérama. A character in which he finds himself a bit to the point that he even uses his own clothes for the shoot. In season 3 of’Irresponsible, as in previous years, Sébastien Chassagne place a variety of emotions. While everything changes in his daily life (we will say no more not to spoiler !), Julien is going to face complicated decisions, and Sébastien Chassagne continues to amaze us and move us through his game still also just. In front of him, we find Théo Fernandez (seen in The Tuche , and The Bazaar of the Charité), Marie Kauffman and Nathalie Cerda.

In short, Reckless is definitely one of the French comedies the most successful in recent years. From the beginning to the end, she embarks on a journey with spring necessarily satisfied. You know what to do during your vacation !

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