Iryna Bilyk fueled rumors unexpected announcement: “I quit!”

Ирина Билык подогрела слухи неожиданным заявлением: "Я ухожу!"

today, 14:24

Famous Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk actively engaged in your account in Instagram. Recently 49-year-old celebrity exhibited unusual video, which poses with your own Insta-mask, where the inscription above her head reads “I quit.” So, the actress reminded fans about his new song “Red lipstick”, but some believe that Irina is hiding problems in their personal lives.

“There’s my long-awaited mask for the premiere #red lipstick! 💄💄💄Already available for stories😽😽😽Actually it’s not just a mask, and the opportunity to try on the image of the heroine of the song is a strong, loved independent!”, – shared emotions Bilyk. Followers not passed: “For Alla Pugacheva similar.”, “Fashionable!))”, “🔥🔥🔥🔥Oh, how beautiful and tempting !! Don’t go!! Come ! We are always waiting for !!”, “I thought Pugachev”, “come and go”, “the Beauty👍👍😍😍”, “Irina, a blonde with red lipstick 🔥🔥🔥This is your way❤I❤I❤this”.

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Ирина Билык подогрела слухи неожиданным заявлением: "Я ухожу!"

Ирина Билык подогрела слухи неожиданным заявлением: "Я ухожу!"

Ирина Билык подогрела слухи неожиданным заявлением: "Я ухожу!"

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