Iryna Fedyshyn again became “mother”: photo

The singer went to the USA on the sacrament of baptism

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Ирина Федишин снова стала "мамой": фото

Iryna Fedyshyn

32-year-old Ukrainian singer Iryna Fedyshyn, which boasted lush Breasts in a bikini has shared on his page in Instagram the happy news that the actress became a godmother.

Watch a video about the success story of Iryna Fedyshyn:

In addition, the singer shared with the subscribers of photos from the sacrament of baptism in America. Published in the frames of Ukrainian celebrity posing in close and tenderly holding his newfound faerie daughter named Sophia.

“Our family just got bigger! And now I have a daughter in America, Sofia. Let God bless her and give a happy destiny,” touching wrote Irina in the social network.

Iryna Fedyshyn explained to fans that her goddaughter is the daughter of the brother of her husband – producer Vitaly Chownyk.

Note, not so long ago Irina Fedyshyn, as well as her husband and part-time producer Vitaly Chownyk caught in a scandal. On the eve of the musical award “Gold Heat-ptica” singer was accused of cheating votes. However, the star wife understood the situation and even called the probable culprit of the incident. It was a Ukrainian singer.

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Ирина Федишин снова стала "мамой": фото

Ирина Федишин снова стала "мамой": фото

Ирина Федишин снова стала "мамой": фото


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