Iryna Fedyshyn put an end to the unfolding scandal

The singer announced that he had withdrawn the statement from the police

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Ирина Федишин поставила точку в разгоревшемся скандале

Singer Iryna Fedyshyn

April 17, it became known that against Iryna Fedyshyn made serious allegations. In the network appeared the fake screenshots, which allegedly represented the correspondence of husband and part-time producer of the singer Vitaly Chownyk with a man who was supposed to pad the vote for Iryna Fedyshyn in the framework of the award “Gold Heat-ptica 2019”.

In turn, Vitaly Chownyk has provided evidence of the innocence of the singer and announced that he had filed a police report on the guy who spread fake screenshots.

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And today, April 18, visit of Iryna Fedyshyn was reported that the incident is over. The culprit apologized to the singer, and the couple took a statement from the police.

Ирина Федишин поставила точку в разгоревшемся скандале

Iryna Fedyshyn decided not to participate in the award “Gold Heat-ptica 2019”

“Attention! Point! Scandal “cheating and screenshots” exhausted!!! A citizen of Ukraine, who was involved in this matter, in writing, apologized to the singer Iryna Fedyshyn. During lent we need to be able to forgive. We withdrew the complaint on the guy. The conflict is settled! PS: the Apology was written in the presence of leaders of channel M1 and M2. Thanks to all who understand this situation”, – stated in the post Fedyshyn.

We will note, earlier Irina Fedyshyn was nominated for the award “Gold Heat-ptica 2019” in the category “folk hits,” but in order to avoid provocations, the management has decided to withdraw the candidacy of the singer.

We Will Remind, Today.Lifestyle has shared the full list of nominees of the award “Gold Heat-ptica 2019”. The ceremony will be held today, April 18.

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