Iryna Fedyshyn – the duet with Oleg Vinnik, life in two cities and a third child

A luxurious gift from her husband and buying an apartment in Kiev – all about the singer’s life off stage

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Interview with Ukrainian singer Iryna Fedyshyn

Talented Ukrainian singer Iryna Fedyshyn, which in recent time rapidly gaining popularity in an exclusive interview for Today.Lifestyle openly talked about the relationship with her husband-producer, plans for a third child and that must be in her concert rider.

Schedule of Iryna Fedyshyn very tight – she’s constantly on tour in different parts of Ukraine and often travel to Kiev for the shooting, although together with his family lives in Lviv. Her life not to be envied – constant travel on cars, trains and buses.

Listen to the interview with Ukrainian singer Iryna Fedyshyn:

You often have to travel not only in Ukraine, but also to come to Kiev to participate in different projects. Not thought about moving from the city to the capital?

I have a lot of projects in the capital. This is life in the two cities. My children go to school in Lviv, and there is my whole family. We bought an apartment in Kiev and come here often on business but to move from their native city was not planned.

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Speaking on different stages of Ukraine, do not confuse the names of cities?

While such incidents have not been, but sometimes the thought creeps in. I then turn around on stage to their show-ballet and asks how to correctly pronounce the city’s name where you put the emphasis.

What is the most difficult during the tour?

The hardest part is finding time for recuperation. The rhythm of life is very fast and you want more sleep. Moments understand that is not managed after the last round to gain strength and it’s hard to speak. But we need to get together to go on stage and give the audience the emotions that they expect.

Now I’m trying to organize the entire process so that after the concert to relax and not to stay long on the court.

Ирина Федишин - о дуэте с Олегом Винником, жизни на два города и третьем ребенке

Iryna Fedyshyn

What is your concert rider? Special requests to the organizers?

Everything like ordinary people. I don’t want to frighten the organizers of some riders, but I heard enough stories about other artists. I understand that there are certain image and status, but you need to be human. I don’t care about the temperature the number and size of towels, but I have a little whimsy – I love hotels white bed (laughs). Just when you the most of your time now in hotels, I want how to relax and stay in comfort.

You go on a diet? Maybe you have a certain list of products in Ryder?

No. I have very good genetics and a fast metabolism. But I understand that time passes and we need to start to monitor their diet. I’m just trying to exclude from the diet fried, spicy, biscuits and fizzy drinks. Mostly eat fruits and vegetables. The organizers from time to time slip sandwiches, and I eat them all (laughs).

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Fans followed you? How about the desire of fans to do with your selfie is very nice, or Vice versa?

When they see a star in real life, of course, they want to make a photo for memory. I often during the meeting, feel the excitement of people and see how their hands are shaking. In such cases, I touch the person and say to relax, and then I start to worry.

Asked to take a picture I always answer positively, it does not bother me. Of course, there are times when I just go out to the store without a drop of makeup and in this moment I really don’t want to pose for the camera, but still the fans are not denied. It’s pure human factor, sometimes girls just do not want to be photographed, because today they do not like their reflection in the mirror.

What unusual gifts received from fans?

Of course, this flowers and soft toys. Very nice, when I draw my portraits. But it was a very special occasion that touched me – during a performance on stage made my image, fully embroidered with beads. And one of the oldest festivals Honchar of Ukraine, who is 90 years old, presented me with a huge lion made of clay. In any case, it is important attention and love, which was made a gift.

Ирина Федишин - о дуэте с Олегом Винником, жизни на два города и третьем ребенке

Visiting Today.Lifestyle Iryna Fedyshyn

“I want to Malvi” – you are the author of words and music. Whence came the inspiration to write the single, which became a hit this summer?

A song I wrote in late autumn during the tour. Was travelling in Shepetovka and joked that already it is time to rest. And the Director says, “First in Shepetovka, and then the ticket.” And in fact these conversations I was inspired by that. Then I came to the dressing room and wrote this song. In fact, the track carries a deeper meaning. The main message is that sometimes in the middle of winter we so want to go to warmer climes to leave work, and go not just to the Maldives, but somewhere to the sea.

At the end of the clip you do selfi on the background of white sand, creating the illusion of Maldives. How often wishful thinking and what tricks resorted for the sake of likes?

Honestly, I don’t like to give out what is not. Important for me honesty, sincerity and openness. You have to be who you really are. After all, the pretense will end anyway wrong, it’ll all come to the surface. Let’s say you’re so beautiful in the social network, and then the guys come out and not recognize you. Of course, we all want to be beautiful, but to overdo it is not worth it. I specially likes to do nothing, I don’t want to prove anything to anyone. You need to live in harmony with each other and most importantly, that you were in a rush and not someone.

Ирина Федишин - о дуэте с Олегом Винником, жизни на два города и третьем ребенке

Ukrainian star Irina Fedyshyn

In Ukraine, there is another popular singer who toured, and it Oleg Vinnik. When waiting for your duet?

I am pleased that listeners are waiting for the duet, but we didn’t plan it. There’s no time! Oleg busy concert schedule, and I have it easy. Sometimes, people from outside it is hard to believe that there’s really no time even to meet with friends, not a song to record.

You once said that none of what fee will sing songs in Russian. You were invited to perform in Russia?

It so happened that here in Ukraine a lot of Russian-speaking population, but I’m happy that now everything is changing. I am absolutely not judging those people who grew up so much and speak Russian. When I go on tour to different cities of our country, Ukrainian songs are perceived to cheers and people prefer to speak Ukrainian. Not always they do it, but my soul rejoices that Ukraine is moving in the right direction.

I’m not against the Russian language, but immediately there is an Association with Russia, and this topic is very painful for our country in connection with what is happening now. To speak to Russia I was invited and I was so surprised, why would they invite Iryna Fedyshyn? But, of course, I refused. I have a clear civil position.

Tell us in detail about the scandal that arose around of your participation in the musical award “Gold Heat-ptica 2019”? Why your nominee withdrew from the contest?

Note that not so long ago Irina Fedyshyn, as well as her husband and part-time producer Vitaly Chownyk caught in a scandal. On the eve of the musical award “Gold Heat-ptica” singer was accused of cheating votes. However, the star wife understood the situation and even called the probable culprit of the incident. It was a Lviv singer, who is from the same town with Irina.

Yes, I really did this unpleasant situation. Perhaps it’s motivated by envy. I decided to withdraw from the contest to avoid all manipulation. I was accused of cheating votes, but the guy who posted the fake screens, in writing apologized. As for this singer, I don’t want to comment, because there’s not even anything to talk about. When people on life-jealous and willing to annoy you in every way – there is nothing to discuss. I don’t want anyone to throw mud! God is the judge of that!

Ирина Федишин - о дуэте с Олегом Винником, жизни на два города и третьем ребенке

Interview with Ukrainian singer

Due to the fact that you are an artist, you have a busy life. But can you remember the brightest moments, which was breathtaking?

In fact, you have to live every day so that you breathtaking. Maybe it is banal things, but should learn to just enjoy nature, weather, rain. To thank for the fact that your family and friends around you. All of this should be obvious, but very important. Of course, moments like the wedding and the birth of sons, the most memorable. Recently, I experienced indescribable emotions when he was on tour in America and saw Niagara falls. Such natural beauty every day you will not see. Another of the most vivid I remember the gift husband on birthday – an expensive car. It was my dream (laughs).

You have recently become godmother of a little girl Sofia. Was thinking of adding to your family?

We think about it. I have two sons and I would be happy to be a mother and girls. But there manages and solves all the Lord. Sometimes we want something, but it turns out differently. This is why you need to see life for what it is. Whether a boy or girl. It’s still happiness.

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My family is my greatest value in life. Popularity, fame and money are worth nothing, and most important – the health of loved ones. Appreciate it and don’t forget to say how much you love them! Remember, people are not perfect and we all have difficulties.

You often say to your spouse Vitaly words of love?


Vitaly concurrently also your producer. Not tired of each other?

We all are human and there are moments of confusion. Especially in the field of creativity will always be disagreements – what costume to wear, what song to sing and stuff. But we manage to find harmony and find a happy middle. Our tastes moments vary, but in General the same.

I am very glad that my husband is a producer – this is perfect. Can not even imagine someone else in that role. As I said, for me the important family, and thanks to the work we are constantly together. If I was constantly on tour, filming, and my husband was waiting for me at home and was minding my own business, it probably would have alienated us. And so it is common cause that unites.

Earlier, Irina Fedyshyn showed my mom and sons. Mother Forest during the absence of Irina trusts of his sons, Yuri and Oleg.

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Ирина Федишин - о дуэте с Олегом Винником, жизни на два города и третьем ребенке

Ирина Федишин - о дуэте с Олегом Винником, жизни на два города и третьем ребенке

Ирина Федишин - о дуэте с Олегом Винником, жизни на два города и третьем ребенке

Ирина Федишин - о дуэте с Олегом Винником, жизни на два города и третьем ребенке

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