Is this the return of fascism in Italy?

Is this the return of fascism in Italy?

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If much of the European press is to be believed, Italy risks going back to the path of fascism in tomorrow's elections. The Brothers of Italy party is expected to finish first with 25% of the vote. 

He could therefore govern with the help of two other very right-wing parties. The policies proposed by the Brothers of Italy are of the extreme right. But it is above all the political explanations they put forward and their admiration for Benito Mussolini that arouse concern. Anyway, Italy will probably join the Hungarian camp, which must please Vladimir Putin.

1. What is fascism?

According to the Oxford Dictionary of Politics, fascism brings together five elements. It is based on an extreme nationalism that exalts the culture, characteristics and interests of a country. The fascists also postulate that their nation, once great, is now weakened because it is subject to small countries. Often, immigration is seen as one of the causes of the weakening of the nation, by a kind of “dilution of racial purity”. Fascists believe that this weakening, far from being accidental, is organized by other nations or other “races” who seek to dominate the world. Finally, the fascists see in capitalism and democracy instruments intended to weaken the people. Therefore, the fascists propose a state ruled by a single party and a strong leader, which will take control of society and isolate the economy of the country.

2. What do the Brothers of Italy offer?

The leader of the Brethren of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, said in 1996 that Mussolini had been a good politician and the greatest politician of the past 50 years. Opposed to same-sex marriages, abortion, immigrants from outside Europe and multiculturalism, she quickly became the bane of the left. However, she also believes in the Great Replacement conspiracy and believes Italy's weakening stems from its subordination to France and Germany. His party is proposing to drop the euro and return to the lira, as well as protectionist measures. The party also proposes a reform of institutions to give more powers to the president of the country. Finally, the Brothers of Italy sided with Ukraine, against Russia. 

3. How can the Brothers of Italy be called fascists?

The political program proposed by the Brothers of Italy does not fit perfectly with that of a fascist program, in particular because it does not propose to replace democracy or to fight against capitalism. However, the political logic of the party is close enough to that of the fascists for it to be classed among them.  

4. Are the policies of the Brothers of Italy so popular?

In Europe, left-wing parties have erected the defense of multiculturalism, illegal immigration and other related issues, in politico-religious dogmas. They therefore remained deaf to the discontent of the populations in the face of several problems related to these issues, thus leaving the field open to right-wing and far-right parties. Moreover, the Brothers of Italy are among the only ones to denounce the very low birth rate in Italy. So small that its population is expected to halve by 2100 if the trend continues.

5. Will the Brothers in Italy succeed in applying their program?

Italian politics is so chaotic that this possibility seems remote.

Is this the return of fascism in Italy?