Islets in the classroom: changes claimed before the back-to-school

Îlots dans les classes: des changements réclamés avant la rentrée scolaire

Since the beginning of the crisis, many experts are particularly concerned about the impact of the containment and of the sanitary measures on our children.

This is particularly the case of Dr. Veronique Groleau, gastroenterologist paediatrician at CHU Sainte-Justine, and her husband Simon Landry, who is a teacher.

Dr. Groleau is part of a group of physicians who request the déconfinement children. The group feared the potential impact on the development of children.

The experts were able to savour a first victory with the déconfinement in child care, believes Ms. Groleau.

“Following the announcement of the bubbles of 5-6 students, [my spouse] has said this is not feasible, it’s going to harm the children,” explains Veronique Groleau.

The project of the bubbles provides for the creation of islets in the classrooms of the primary school this fall. The islets will be located one metre away from each other and a maximum of six students will be able to sit in it.

In addition, the teacher should keep a distance of two meters from the students. These latter will, however, not required to keep a rift within their block.

For his part, Mr. Landry requested a reflection on the standards in place for the next school year.

“Unfortunately, when you look at it from the point of view of a teacher, there are all kinds of problems that are raised. The lack of space in classes, especially in the metropolitan area where the schools are overflowing already,” says Simon Landry.

The pair has therefore decided to launch an online petition to request the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge to review his plan.

“Even playing police officers, members of the school staff will NEVER be able to prevent the adolescents to approach their friends!” can be read in the petition.

It also argues that the order is too large and there is insufficient time to make the necessary arrangements.

“There are these guidelines that have been given as to which one has no answers for the moment. Much of the lack of equipment lack of space, how it is organized. Who is going to form bubbles? Who decides who is part of a bubble or another? There are all kinds of issues that have been raised,” added Mr. Landry.

They hope that the initiative will enable the holding of a round table between the people of the community, public health and the government.


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