Israel: the contamination increases, Netanyahu will appoint a coordinator COVID-19

Israël: les contaminations augmentent, Netanyahu nomme un coordinateur COVID-19

JERUSALEM | Widely criticized for his management of the epidemic of COVID-19, the israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has appointed a public health professional to manage this folder, then the number of the contaminated is on the rise again, said his office Thursday.

The popular discontent has intensified in recent weeks in Israel, where demonstrations regularly take place in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv to denounce corruption and the management of the pandemic COVID-19 and its consequences by the government of Mr. Netanyahu.

At the same time, calls have multiplied for the appointment of a coordinator of the fight against the coronavirus, a task that was entrusted to Ronnie Gamzu, CEO of complex medical Sourasky Tel-Aviv, according to an official press release.

“Professor Gamzu has many years of administrative experience in the field of health, including responsibilities as director-general of the ministry of Health”, added the press release.

Until recently, Israel boasted of its management of the pandemic, but the number of new cases is on the rise again as the déconfinement and the rate of unemployment has jumped in recent months, more than 20 %.

The country of some nine million people has registered more than 56,000 confirmed cases Wednesday, including 430 deaths.

In recent weeks, new cases have periodically exceeded 1,000 per day, with a peak of 2 000 on Tuesday.

To combat the spread of the virus, Israel had imposed in mid-march, a strict confinement during which only the professionals engaged in occupations deemed essential were allowed to work.

The government has lifted some restrictions at the end of the month of may, but announced new last week, as the closure of bars and night clubs after they have experienced a rapid increase in contamination.

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